Air conditioning problem on Citroen C15: What to do?

Have a air conditioning problem, for example in summer, is really a very unpleasant little detail. In the city center, we gladly open the windows of our Citroen C15 to bring in air, but arriving on expressways, it quickly becomes very complicated.
The objective of this article is to help you identify these possible problems in order to remedy them as easily as possible.
First, we will try to analyze the potential symptoms that you identify on the air conditioning failure of your Citroen C1.

Different symptoms of air conditioning failures on your Citroen C15

You realize that it no longer has the same effectiveness, for example:
It engages in a first step to finally only return moisture and get tired in a few minutes, or it works but with a particularly long time to cool effectively. Or even simpler, it just doesn’t work anymore.
The first thing to think about at this time on your Citroen C15, it is possible that the gas charge is too low. Which can show that there is probably a circuit leak. If this was the case, we strongly recommend that you seek the advice of a specialist and do not do this alone, this involves great risks for your Citroen C15 and more important for your own health.
This problem is partly caused by the wear and tear of time, but still of the quality of your air conditioning system. Basically, if you have a newer Citroen C15, you are theoretically much less hassled with this type of malfunction.
Also ask yourself the question if you take care of keeping the air conditioning of your Citroen C15 in good condition all year round.
My message behind this statement is, stupidly from use it from time to time short moments all year round, which prevents the system from “rusting” on your Citroen C15. It uses a little more fuel, but because replacing your air conditioning system is so much more expensive, then you pay off in the long run.

Different air conditioning problems on your Citroen C15

Let’s now see various malfunctions that you could find on your Citroen C15. Keep in mind that your air conditioning system is a very complicated set, made up of a large set of parts that can eventually cause a breakdown.
First of all, as mentioned above, it is likely that you have a gas leak and so that you do not have any more pressure in the circuit of your Citroen C15.
At the same level, it is at the same time possible that your compressor is out of service. Same observation as above, so it is impossible to compress the gas, thus more pressure in the circuit.
Attached to this compressor of your Citroen C15, a pulley allows it to work. If this one were to be broken, there comes a chain reaction with a stop of the compressor, and therefore as detailed above, more compression of the gas, more pressure .
We realize here that everything is linked and that each piece has an essential importance, such as chain work, only one missing link and the whole chain is stopped.
Another major point, still on the same idea, if too much pressure arrived in the circuit, a sensor will then be activated in order to stop the operation for safety. We can compare here the work of a fuse protection on the electrical circuit of your Citroen C15.
On the side of the temperature sensor, there may at the same time be a fault. Imagine quite simply that the sensor no longer has the capacity to determine the temperature in your Citroen C15. As a result, it does not know what to give as values ​​to the computer, which will stop the air conditioning because the data is inconsistent. Here again the air conditioning will have been cut for safety by the computer in order to avoid delicate situations, for example where it considers that it is hot in your Citroen C15 and sends cold when it is the opposite.
If you hired a professional, here’s an idea of ​​the prices you should pay:
If you bought a gas cylinder, it would cost you 40 to 60 €.
If on the other hand you had to change your compressor instead, this represents around 350 € new, On the other hand much cheaper used, around 150 €.
Here is a set of problems that you could find on your Citroen C15, as you guessed it, in the great majority of cases it is more judicious to call a professional in order to avoid possibly serious accidents. You should know that in the case of air conditioning you are dealing with compressed gas which is definitely a danger if you are not careful.