Changing a wheel on your Citroen C1

Being able to change a wheel is one of the little things that isn’t really hard to do, but you just need to know the different steps involved. This should save you a lot of trouble in a tricky situation. We are going to show you in this article little by little each step to follow in order to change a wheel on a Citroen C1 correctly.
First of all, it is necessary to wear your yellow vest if you are close to the road, and also to position your warning triangle approximately 25-30 meters before your Citroen C1. Also remember to turn on your warnings.

Steps to change a wheel on a Citroen C1:

Here are all the steps to change a wheel on your Citroen C1:

1: First of all, make sure your Citroen C1 is on a adequate soil before you start changing the wheel. This means that you will have to ideally position your car on a ground solid and flat. If you have no option as to the firmness of the ground, try to find something to stabilize your car, bricks or boards for example. In this situation, pay close attention to the stability of your Citroen C1, if you see that it is not stable do not lift the car. Also think about apply the handbrake.
2: To raise the car with the jack, and thus change the wheel of your Citroen C1, you will first have to remove the hub cap and unscrew the bolts just a little. Turn them counterclockwise. Do not remove them just loosen them, using the material you have in the boot of your Citroen C1 in the spare wheel compartment. If you haven’t touched anything you should have a cross or a release key.
3: Now you have to position the jack in order to slightly lift your Citroen C1. Remember to put it near the wheel to be changed. Be careful though, your jack must be quite stable. Now use the jack to jack up your car. Remember to lift until this wheel no longer touches the ground, add a few centimeters if you are replacing a punctured wheel because a new wheel will take up more space.
4: When you have your wheel in the air, it is time to fully remove the bolts. Once executed, you can remove the wheel to be changed. Then position the new wheel instead. You can screw the bolts back on, simply by hand. Once the wheel is positioned on the ground, you will screw it in again with the cross; do not force it too much, you could damage them.
5: Once you have tightened everything, it is now time to put your Citroen C1 back on the ground. Don’t be brutal, take your time. Now that the car is on the ground, you can tighten the bolts using the hardware. Also, do not over tighten.
6: You can now replace the hubcap and store all your equipment in your boot, your Citroen C1 is now ready to set off again.

Conclusion of the wheel change on your Citroen C1:

You will therefore notice that it is rather easy to replace a wheel. Just be careful to secure the area correctly (beacon, vest, etc.) and position your Citroen C1 in the best conditions. Also for the jack, really make sure it is secure, and at no time for any reason should you be under the car. It can be likely that the jack will fail at any time, so be careful.