Cigarette lighter problem on Citroen Xsara

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When there is a problem with the cigarette lighter of your Citroen Xsara, it is not really serious, it will not prevent you from driving, nevertheless it is today a very practical element in Citroen Xsara. This is the reason why in this article we are going to explain to you how to identify the problem with your cigarette lighter in order to be able to fix it secondly.

The cigarette lighter was originally invented to light cigarettes in vehicles. But since then its specificities have evolved well on the Citroen Xsara. For example nowadays we are using our cellphones more and more for GPS, but also to call, or listen to music. In addition, the cigarette lighter can also be used as a bottle warmer, computer charger .

So on long journeys with your Citroen Xsara, the batteries of your electrical devices may run out quickly. So the cigarette lighter will be very useful because it gives off an appropriate electrical intensity to allow you to charge your smartphones. However, to use it it is necessary to equip yourself with an adapter.

Be careful with these adapters. Some give the possibility of having multi-connections. But if you overload the outlet, consumption will cause the electrical circuit to overheat and a fuse will surely blow in your Citroen Xsara.

To help you better, in this article we will explain how does a cigarette lighter work in a Citroen Xsara . Then we will help you to understand if the problem comes from the fuses in the paragraph Cigarette lighter problem on Citroen Xsara: Blown fuse . And finally we will show you how to fix it in the section Cigarette lighter problem on Citroen Xsara: Repair or Replace.

1-How a cigar lighter works

The cigarette lighter of a Citroen Xsara happens to be a cylindrical electrical component. At the bottom of the latter there is a conductive part with 2 tabs which will allow electricity to circulate in order to heat the resistance of the cigarette lighter.

Therefore to activate it the user will push the button. This will bring the resistor and the tabs into contact. Once pressed, electricity will flow through it and heat the resistance. Then when it is hot enough the button goes up and the user can remove the heated removable part to light his cigarette.

To know :The cigarette lighter generally receives 12 volts. So if it doesn’t work anymore you can control the power of the cigarette lighter. To do this, take a voltmeter (it will cost you around ten euros in a DIY store). If the voltage is well below 12 volts then the problem could come from the fuses or the connections.

Otherwise when the power supply passes then the problem could come from a bad contact but also from the fact that the cigarette lighter happens to be aging.

2-Cigarette lighter problem on Citroen Xsara: Blown fuse

First of all the fuses in Citroen Xsara turn out to be very important components. Because they will control the intensity of the current in the electrical circuit. This is why the fuses will be located in the circuit. Then they will be crossed by the current in order to check the intensity. When the current is found to be too strong then the fuse blows to shut down the system. But this is essential because otherwise an overheating of the circuit would cause a fire in your car.

2.1-Identify if the cigarette lighter fuse has blown on Citroen Xsara

Note that almost all of your Citroen Xsara’s fuses are grouped together in the fuse box. You can easily find it thanks to the booklet of your Citroen Xsara. Usually it is located not far from the battery, which means under the hood or under the steering wheel.

When you have found it, again with your Citroen Xsara’s booklet or on the fuse box cover, identify the cigarette lighter fuse. Remove it using the pliers available in the housing. When you notice through the transparent part that the conductive filament is cut then it implies that the fuse has overheated and therefore that you have a cigarette lighter problem. Otherwise the problem is surely elsewhere.

If you want more details on this part you can find out about the tutorial written before: How to find the fuse for cigarette lighter on Citroen Xsara

2.2-Replace the blown cigarette lighter fuse on Citroen Xsara

To change the cigarette lighter fuse on your Citroen Xsara is rather simple. As in the previous step, you will have to remove it from the fuse box of your Citroen Xsara. Then you will have to change it with a fuse of the same caliber. This is very important, generally the cigarette lighter fuses are ten amps (red). In the event that you are not paying attention to the amperage, your fuse will not be able to work properly. So it might not detect an overheating in case you take a fuse which has a higher amperage. Then conversely it will grill quickly even if the intensity is correct.

3-Cigarette lighter problem on Citroen Xsara: Repair or Replace

3.1-how to repair the cigarette lighter on Citroen Xsara?

If you have checked the fuses and the malfunction is not due to this, it is possible that your cigarette lighter has a bad contact. In the same way as explained above, a cigar lighter has a conductive part and tabs. But when your cigarette lighter socket no longer touches these tabs then the transfer of electricity will not take place.

To analyze this you will have to disassemble the console of your Citroen Xsara to allow the cigarette lighter to be removed. It will be necessary to loosen the screws which hold it, generally using a T15 screwdriver then unclip the coating. Once you’ve removed it, you will need to disconnect the cigarette lighter. You will then be able to push the cylindrical element of the support. When this is done check the bottom of the cylinder, in case the tabs are oxidized then the repair is going to be easy. It will suffice to unclip the tabs. And then you will have to scrape lightly with sandpaper in order to remove the oxidation and subsequently facilitate contact. When this is done you will just have to reassemble everything and then it should generally work.

On the other hand, in the case where it is not oxidized and the tabs are a little twisted, then we advise to change it entirely. Don’t worry, a cigarette lighter is sold for around € 10-20 on the internet.

3.2-how to replace the cigarette lighter on Citroen Xsara?

To change it, the handling is similar, you will have to dismantle the old one and change it with the new one. Please note that it must have the same voltage, generally 12 volts. And then you will connect it to the battery through the plug. Finally, you will be able to check if the cigarette lighter bulb is lit in this case the connections are made as they should.

In conclusion: In the event that your cigarette lighter no longer works, do not worry generally the repairs are quite simple for amateurs and do not cost you very much.

If you ever want to go a little further in the maintenance of your Citroen Xsara, do not hesitate to consult our other pages on Citroen Xsara.