Citroen Berlingo brake fluid leaking?

Certain components of your car are essential to its proper functioning, and going further, essential to your safety and that of other drivers. Your braking system is one of them, and if there is one component that must be in good working order, it is this one. In the event that you begin to encounter brake problems, it is essential to take care of them without delay, so our editorial team has composed this article on brake fluid leaks on Citroen Berlingo, so as to assist you in tackling this problem without putting pressure on yourself and correcting it without delay. In this context, we will first discover the function of brake fluid, then, what are the origins of a brake fluid leak on your Citroen Berlingo, and, finally, the technique to repair such a leak.

What is the function of the brake fluid on a Citroen Berlingo?

We thus begin our article by quickly describing the role of this famous brake fluid in the braking system of your Citroen Berlingo. In order to fully understand, a brake device uses a closed hydraulic circuit, i.e. you will have metal hoses filled with brake fluid which are pressurized by the master cylinder, and when you will depress your brake pedal, your brake fluid will compress and will start your brake calipers so that they pinch the brake pads on your discs. It is therefore important that you always have the correct level of brake fluid on your Citroen Berlingo, in the event that you do not know how to perform this task, read our tutorial on this subject.

Causes of a brake fluid leak on Citroen Berlingo

We now move on to a more interesting section to help you better measure why you are experiencing a brake fluid leak on your Citroen Berlingo

What are the origins of a brake fluid leak on a Citroen Berlingo?

We will first tell you the different potential sources of the leak from your Citroen Berlingo. Here they are below:

    • This is one of the most common causes, after a hitch, one of the hoses is severed and suddenly you lose brake fluid and pressure through this hole.
  • Master cylinder problem: A defective master cylinder on Citroen Berlingo can cause leaks on its various inlets or outlets.
  • Bleed screw in poor condition: In most cases this happens when a brake bleed has been performed shortly before, and it is most often badly screwed.
  • Damaged wheel cylinder: Exclusively installed on drum brakes, this component can leak and cause imbalance in braking.

How to spot a brake fluid leak on Citroen Berlingo?

We are now going to reveal to you the different techniques and clues to interpret to check that you have a brake fluid leak on your Citroen Berlingo, find them in this list:

  • Brake warning light: In the event that the ABS warning light on your Citroen Berlingo is on, you will need to check the condition of your circuit immediately, do not hesitate to read our dedicated guide to have all the operations to be carried out.
  • Imbalance when braking If your Citroen Berlingo pulls to the left or to the right when you press the brake pedal, you may experience a brake fluid leak.
  • A soft brake pedal: This is one of the most visible symptoms, if you feel that your pedal is really easier to compress and comes back more slowly, it is very likely that you have a loss of pressure in your brake circuit.
  • Distinguish brake fluid on the wheels or in the engine block: It may seem obvious, but if you identify brake fluid on one of these elements, you must have a leak since this circuit is supposed to be closed.

How to repair a brake fluid leak on Citroen Berlingo?

The only solution when you experience a brake fluid leak on your Citroen Berlingo is to take your Citroen Berlingo to your mechanic. If it is light, check your level carefully and drive carefully to the garage, if it is too heavy, do not drive and have your car towed. Indeed, a general failure of your brake system will lead to an accident. However, you can carry out some regular checks to limit the risks:

  • Check the brake fluid level frequently
  • Bleed your brakes every 2 years or 40 km
  • Change the brake fluid if you feel that the brakes of your Citroen Berlingo are becoming “soft”