Citroen C1 injection problem

Having problems with your vehicle is unfortunately common, in fact, recent vehicles are more and more complex and therefore subject to ever more possible breakdowns. In this article, we are going to try to help you solve an injection problem on your Citroen C1. This is a problem that is quite disabling because it can ultimately prevent your car from starting or damage your engine. In this context, first, you will discover how the injection works, second, what are the different problems that can exist on a Citroen C1, and, finally, how to solve them.

What is the role of the injection of a Citroen C1?

We therefore begin our tutorial by explaining to you without dwelling on how an injection system works so that you have all the information necessary to understand the failures related to it.
Le injection device of a Citroen C1 manages the admission of fuel into the engine, it replaces the old carburettors. It has the advantage of being able to be much more precise and of coming, under pressure, to transmit the fuel to the engine. The function of the injection pump is to put the fuel under pressure and transfer it to the injectors, and the injectors will release the fuel in the form of micro drops into the cylinders of your Citroen C1. The advantage of injection is to have a much more precise dosage than for a carburettor and to allow a better air/fuel mixture, therefore to obtain better combustion.

What are the different injection problems on Citroen C1?

We will now go through this second part, see the various injection problems and their symptoms to which you may be a victim on your Citroen C1.

Citroen C1 injection pump problems

So let’s start with the injection pump problems on your Citroen C1, luckily there cannot be many different, there are few that we will present to you in this list:

  • Electronic problem with the high pressure pump: If you have an electronic problem, the pressure in your injection system may be too high or too low, which will cause a bad air/fuel mixture, suddenly a poor combustion and thus alter the behavior of the engine of your Citroen C1.
  • Leak from the injection pump of your Citroen C1: In the event that you are the victim of a leak, the result will be more or less the same as if you lack pressure, you will not have enough pressure and therefore the combustion of your vehicle. fuel will not be good

With regard to consequences and symptoms of an injection pump problem on a Citroen C1, you will certainly feel a drop in power, your engine grazing, black smoke .

Citroen C1 injector problems

Now we will present the injector problems on Citroen C1. The injectors represent the end of your injection system, discover the different concerns of which you may be a victim:

  • Clogged Citroen C1 injector: This happens very often due to poor quality fuel, and so, because of the cap, they will not let the expected quantity of fuel through. You will therefore certainly have one or more cylinders that are not working properly.
  • Leaking Citroen C1 injector: It is frequently at the high pressure joints that it is possible to have a leak from an injector, it is rarer, but it is a case that also happens on some vehicles, be the victim of a cracked or completely broken injector.
  • Citroen C1 HS injector: This is the case when your injectors are completely blocked or you have an electronic problem, it will then not let anything through.

About the Symptoms of injector problems on your Citroen C1 it is more or less the same as for a faulty injection pump. You may experience problems starting your engine, acceleration jerks, loss of power, and smoke emission.

How to solve an injection problem on a Citroen C1?

To finish our tutorial on injection problems on Citroen C1, we will try to present you the different solutions related to the failures of which you may be the victim.
Assuming that you have called a professional and you are sure that it is the injection pump that is the cause of your concerns, it will unfortunately be very complicated to intervene on the problem without replacing the part, in addition to the part we often advise to replace the injectors and the tank to leave with a healthy system even if it means dismantling the entire injection as much as changing all the parts likely to cause you problems in the near future, it will be necessary to count between 2000 and 3000 euros for labor plus parts, we advise you to make several quotes in different garages in order to choose the one that seems most interesting to you and to cross the opinions.
Regarding an injector problem, depending on your concern, the solutions will not be the same, find out below:

  • Dirty injector: It is possible to clean the injectors of your Citroen C1, remember to consult our page on this subject to find out the method. In the event that this does not work, they will have to be replaced.
  • Leaking injector: The change and the purchase of a joint kit will only cost you a few tens of euros, that said it is not within everyone’s reach to change them, remember to consult our article on the leaking injectors on Citroen C1, to have all the solutions available to you.
  • HS injector: Finally, the last possibility, your injector is broken or no longer works, in general, replacing an injector costs around 500 euros labor included.