Citroen Jumper 2 racing, what to do?

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The engine of your Citroen Jumper 2 gets carried away while you do not accelerate? Now you don’t know how act and it is very stressful. Indeed it is necessary to carry out the first security measures so that you can later identify your concern. This is the reason why we will explain to you what has to be done when the engine races on your Citroen Jumper 2. Afterwards we will indicate Why and what are the parts that are impacted that may need to be replace.

How to react when the engine races on Citroen Jumper 2?

What does a racing engine mean on Citroen Jumper 2?

To start it is necessary to define well signs of a racing engine. This term is used when your car continues to climb the towers even if you don’t accelerate. You will see that the counter rises on the console. Also you should hear the engine speed up without this being caused by any action on your part.

What to do when the engine races on Citroen Jumper 2?

Although it can be very stressful, the first thing to do is not to not panic although it is easier said than done. Then turn on the warnings to inform other motorists that you have a concern about your vehicle.

  • Then try first to brake gently with the brake pedal. As soon as you lose speed, gradually shift gears and park as soon as you can.
  • If that doesn’t work, then disengage to neutralize so that the engine speed is no longer transmitted to the wheels. Also try to curb at that time to be able to park as soon as possible.
  • In case it still doesn’t work, remove contact from your car by removing the key. Then let the wheels turn which will decrease in speed as you go. When you are not going very fast, try to get to the side and help yourself to the hand brake so as to stop the car.

When your vehicle is parked, go out with precaution of the car. Remember to take the yellow vest so as to be identifiable and the triangle so as to inform other motorists of your breakdown. You do not have to restart your car, it is strongly advised to call a tow truck .

Why is the engine racing on Citroen Jumper 2?

Recognize a problem with a racing engine on Citroen Jumper 2:

Now that you are safe, you can study the signs of your car and find out why the engine goes up on speed alone To do this, we would have to start by answering the following questions to make the diagnostic of your breakdown.

  • Is that opaque, black or even blue smoke comes out of the hood or muffler?
  • Notice you a strong smell in your car?
  • Is a light activates on the console?
  • The vehicle is brought into operation at ignition of the motor ?
  • Is the floor mat hinders the pedal ?

A problem with a racing engine can have different origins. The best known is self-combustion. If this happens you will often have smoke escaping of your vehicle, you smell a strong smell of burnt oil in the car and the engine light should light up.

However if this is not your case, it is also possible that it comes from the throttle sheath. When the latter is too tight your engine will accelerate constantly and from the start of the car. In case you have a problem with the throttle, the cable is probably seized, so we recommend that you put wd40 on the sheath.

Remember to check if there is not a component that blocks the accelerator pedal.

To understand the phenomenon of auto-combustion on Citroen Jumper 2:

Self-combustion is a phenomenon generated by the presence of oil inside the combustion chamber. In fact, your engine works using cylinders which will receive a well-defined mixture, by the computers, of air and fuel. This mixture will be compressed in order to achieve combustion. When done correctly this pushes the piston back into the cylinder in order to generate engine power. In this way the four cylinders operate in a well-defined combustion rate to make your car run. Therefore when from the oil enters the combustion chambers then the combustion takes place in advance and in an uncontrolled manner, this will deteriorate the rhythm of the engine. Also that goes distort data for sensors and there is going to be self-combustion. This last will make your engine run without pressure on the accelerator.

Therefore if the combustion is not done properly then the particles which are not burned will escape through the muffler and you will see thick black smoke coming out and a smell of burnt oil.

Why is there oil in the air intake of my Citroen Jumper 2?

Firstly check oil level in your Citroen Jumper 2. You should know that too much oil inside your engine is not a good thing because it could be the cause of self-combustion.

If the levels are good then you should often suspect the turbo in your Citroen Jumper 2. This has a vital function in the engine air intake and if it is damaged this can have serious repercussions.

What is the turbo on Citroen Jumper 2 for?

The turbo is a component that allows transmit compressed air necessary for the combustion of fuel in admission. To do this the turbo is a small turbine which rotates so as to suck in air. This will then be sent to the pipes in order to provide the engine with a sufficient quantity of air. Admission also includes air filter et the throttle body. Finally in order for the propeller to turn properly some oil will lubricate the part.

The consequences of a turbo failure on Citroen Jumper 2:

When the turbo is out of service or damaged on a car it will often generate oil leaks. And so the oil will therefore mix with the air intended for the engine and will fit into the combustion chamber of the cylinder. The oil will also be consumed, but this will generate an excess consumption of oil and self-combustion which will cause the phenomenon of the engine racing.

The concern often comes from poor fixing at the turbine. Therefore when it rotates at high speed around 1000 rpm, this will damage the blades of the turbine. But it can also come from a worn seal which allows oil to penetrate. In order to see this you will be able to access the EGR valve , if you find oil at the level of the latter then the diagnosis will be validated, there is indeed oil which enters the intake.

Finally : When the engine races on your Citroen Jumper 2, this is not a problem to be minimized. In general, as we have seen, the problem is caused by self-combustion of the engine, this can come from different reasons such as turbo failure. In all cases we advise you to call a tow truck since it is no longer necessary to drive your Citroen Jumper 2 until the problem is not solved. Please note that in order to properly maintain the air intake of your Citroen Jumper 2, it is recommended to properly maintain the air filter, to find out more, do not hesitate to browse the following tutorial: when to change your Citroen Jumper 2 air filter?

To go further in the maintenance of your Citroen Jumper 2, we invite you to consult our other pages on the Citroen Jumper 2.