Citroen Xantia accelerates in a vacuum

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When you shift a certain speed you feel that your Citroen Xantia no longer accelerates, even if you step on the pedal? It is surely linked to a deterioration of clutch slipping when accelerating. This concern is not to be taken lightly because it can end up immobilize your vehicle if you don’t fix it fast enough. This is why in this article we will explain to you why your Citroen Xantia does not accelerate anymore and so provide you indications to repair your concern.

Analyze why your Citroen Xantia no longer accelerates:

Identify the symptoms of a Citroen Xantia accelerating in a vacuum:

First of all it is important to carefully analyze the symptoms of your Citroen Xantia in order to properly identify your concern. To do this we will give you some tests to do on your own, this will save you from paying a diagnostic at the mechanic.

  • A first test is to turn on your Citroen Xantia, after that wait a few moments to warm up the engine in neutral. Secondly, put the handbrake and engage the clutch so that engage 4th gear. To finish, gently release the pedal .
    • If the clutch works as it should, your vehicle must stall, otherwise the clutch needs to be changed.
  • A second test is to drive your vehicle for a while, and then you will have to press the accelerator pedal quite firmly.
    • If you feel the engine picking up speed and the engine revs picking up but the speedometer remains stable, it means your clutch is damaged.
  • In the same way try to ride uphill.
    • In the event that your car loses speed and runs out of power, this could be a sign of a clutch problem.
  • Another observation to make is to see if the clutch pedal turns out to be more or less resistant.
  • Finally another clue is to note a burnt smell when you ride.

If you have seen any of these symptoms on your car, it is likely that you are having a problem with your clutch slipping.

Understand how a clutch works on Citroen Xantia:

To help you understand, let’s start by explaining to you what is a clutch for et how does it work .

What is the role of a clutch on Citroen Xantia?

The clutch of your Citroen Xantia turns out to be a major part because it will connect the engine to the wheels. So it will transmit the engine rotations to the wheels of your vehicle through the gearbox according to the gears engaged.

How does the clutch work on Citroen Xantia?

In this way, to allow the driver to change gears, the function of the clutch is to separate the engine from the gearbox. So when the driver press the pedal this will dissociate the two parts and it can switch to another speed. When the driver releases the pedal, the clutch will come back to full stop with the flywheel and will transfer the rotations to the gearbox. The latter will rotate the transmission shaft according to the selected speed and the rotations will reach the wheels. For more details on the gearbox, do not hesitate to consult the following article: hard to shift speed Citroen Xantia.

What to remember is that the clutch turns out to be the first interface that transfers energy from the engine to the wheels.

Understand why the clutch slips on Citroen Xantia:

Now that you understand what it is for and how it works, we can more simply explain why is your clutch slipping.

As we have seen the clutch should be in abutment with the flywheel so as to send the rotations. However, to do this the clutch turns out to be a fairly complex system, with several components that over time can wear out. Especially in your case, it is likely that friction materials which will allow the grip between the flywheel and the clutch disc to be worn and that this reduces the contact between the two components and consequently reduces the energy transmission.

Another possibility is a diaphragm spring defect. Indeed to allow the clutch to separate from the flywheel, there is a component called diaphragm spring. The latter will press the clutch disc on the flywheel. And conversely when you engage it will remove the pressure to disconnect them and allow the gear change. If the spring is worn, it is possible that the pressure on the clutch disc can no longer be done correctly and therefore the contact is no longer sufficient and you will skate.

How to fix a problem with a slipping clutch on Citroen Xantia?

A clutch is not a component that wears out easily, as a general rule this could occur around the 150 kilometers. However if you have sporty driving, and that you are enough rough to shift gears and with the clutch, it will often be damaged faster.

Therefore if you want to fix it, and if you are a novice it is particularly advisable to go without delay at a garage. Indeed this part is directly linked to the engine, therefore it is necessary to have a certain mechanical knowledge et adapted tools to change this kind of room. Besides, if you don’t fix it quickly enough, you run the risk of not being able to drive.

As regards the price, obviously it will depend on the component to change but on average it could quickly go up around 500 or even 1000 €.

To finish: when your Citroen Xantia accelerates in a vacuum this regularly means that the transmission from the engine to the wheels of your vehicle is faulty. Therefore, this mainly involves clutch which is a really indispensable component. But this is a complex system, with various parts, so the causes of a slipping clutch could have different reasons. But in any case you will have to carry out the repairs rather quickly otherwise you will be stuck quite quickly.

To go further in the maintenance of your Citroen Xantia, we invite you to consult our other pages on the Lemon Xantia.