Citroлn C3 Pluriel

A unique car with a host of configurations

The C3 range offers a demonstration of Citroлn’s vitality and creative talent.

Onboard well-being multiplied by four

Inside the C3 Pluriel, occupants will recognise the interior roominess and the spacious front area of the C3 Saloon. Maximum use is made of the car’s unusual height.

The vast windscreen plunges towards the nose of the vehicle, enhancing the impression of onboard space and light.

The significant head room (900 mm at the front) provides generous space for passenger movement, while also providing protection from buffeting air currents when the car is in an open configuration.

Four real seats

The raised seats (325 mm at the front and 355 mm at the rear) offer a clear view of the road. Occupants have an impression of height and increased security.

The raised seating position also makes it easier for the driver to plan manoeuvres in advance, since the C3 Pluriel makes it easier to spot any obstacles that may lie ahead.

In addition to the two front seats, whose roominess places them among the front-runners in the segment (elbow room of 1,422 mm), the C3 Pluriel has two real seats at the rear, with room for two adults to enjoy the journey.

At the rear, leg room is similar to that of a 3-door saloon, while head room and elbow room are considerably more generous.

The amount of space at the rear, which is greater than on most cabriolets in the compact saloon segment, can be attributed to the exclusive retractable soft top.

Also, the backs of the front seats are hollowed out to create more space for passengers at the rear.

Clearly, passengers at the rear have not been forgotten. Long seat cushions and “ergonomic” foam provide additional comfort and support.

A clear view at all times

One of the strong points of the C3 Pluriel is the panoramic view of the exterior available to all the occupants, even in a closed saloon configuration.

The vast windscreen offers a clear view of the road ahead.

The four electrically controlled side windows retract fully into the bodywork.

Generously sized, with no central pillar, they give passengers a clear view to the side, even from the rear seats.

With these features, the C3 Pluriel shows that it is far more than a conventional saloon.

The functions controlling the rear windows are placed at the back of the central console, where they are easily accessible to occupants at both front and rear. The final touch is provided by the “child safety” controls on the dashboard.

The glass rear window lets the light flood into the passenger compartment and provides a level of rear vision that is close to that of a conventional saloon.

Moreover, the openwork headrests at front and rear contribute to the clear view and friendly design.

A Generously sized, modular boot for day to day use

In saloon configuration, the C3 Pluriel’s boot has a capacity of around 267 litres, making it one of the biggest in its category.

Practical and ingenious, the boot can be accessed in two different ways:

  • by opening the rear window (the parcel shelf retracts automatically) for quick access to the contents of the boot, even if the car is parked against a wall or close to another vehicle;
  • by opening the window and then the tail-gate to create a wide opening (79 cm) for access to the entire boot.

The temporary spare wheel is housed under the boot lining.

A “high-tech” multilayer soft top

Particular attention was given to acoustic and thermal insulation properties, which are close to those of a saloon: the soft top is made up of multiple layers for insulation and strength. It is reinforced by a number of metal cross-members, which tighten and stiffen the whole.

The soft top fits into the volume created by the arches, to create a line of perfect continuity with the vehicle structure.

A true saloon, the C3 Pluriel is watertight and can therefore go through an automatic car wash.

C3 Pluriel Panoramic Saloon:
a tribute to light

Each configuration of the C3 Pluriel prompts specific sensations, creating different associations in the mind’s eye and encompassing a wide range of driving impressions.

At any time, the occupants of the C3 Pluriel can lower the four electric windows and use the panoramic sunroof, which can be extended back over the entire roof surface.

The roof features eight opening positions.

As a result, all the passengers can share the same open-air sensations.

In the space of just a few moments, the C3 Pluriel transforms itself from a closed saloon into a panoramic saloon whose design places the emphasis firmly on pleasure.

And to make sure that nothing spoils the occupants’ pleasure, the C3 Pluriel is fitted with a new type of aeroacoustic deflector to control the air eddies that create an effect known as “booming”, and which affects all convertibles.

C3 Pluriel Cabriolet: the sky as a roof

The saloon, the panoramic saloon and now the cabriolet.

The soft top folds down fully onto the rear window to create a roof cartridge that is designed to retract fully into the back of the rear compartment.

First, the driver retracts the electrically controlled soft top over the rear window. It is then possible to open the rear window and tailgate, to unlock the module made up of the folded soft top, rear window and parcel shelf (referred to collectively as the roof cartridge), and to slide it into the stowage compartment at the back of the boot. This manual operation can easily be performed in just a few seconds.

And so the C3 Pluriel becomes a leisure cabriolet.