Engine moving on Citroen C4, what to do?

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It is normal for the engine of your Citroen C4 vibrates slightly, however if you observe unusual vibrations that appear to be from the engine, it is important to analyze why so that it does not generate more damage. But your worry may have different origins. This is why we will help you analyze the problem that you have on your Citroen C4. And then we will give you advices to fix it.

Understand why the engine is moving on Citroen C4:

Identifying why you feel abnormal movements inside your vehicle can be quite difficult, since there is a multitude of reasons. So to help you, we will categorize the different breakdowns that could generate tremors in your Citroen C4. Also note that sometimes you may think that this is from the engine, when in reality the vibrations can also come from the transmission or the steering. So to fully understand, you will have to analyze when and where the vibrations occur.

  • Do the tremors increase when you turn on, when you accelerate, when braking, when you shift?
  • Is the engine shaking or are vibrations emitted at the flywheel?
  • Are abnormal engine movements followed by loss of power and increased gas mileage?

When you have analyzed these symptoms on your Citroen C4, you will be able to find the origin of your problem more quickly and more easily.

Citroen C4 engine vibrations accompanied by loss of power, high consumption and difficulty with ignition:

When you found of power losses on your Citroen C4, higher consumption fuel, difficulty lighting your engine and you perceive clicks in the engine because it does not move correctly, in this case it is surely due to an engine problem. However, there are 2 types of failures that can generate these tremors. It may be a injector problem Or spark plugs.

Engine moving Citroen C4: Injector problem:

Indeed, it can happen that one of the injectors of your car no longer works properly. Consequently one of the cylinders of the engine will not be supplied correctly, which generates an imbalance. If you wish to have more details on an injector problem, you can consult the following article: Citroen C4 injector replacement price.

Engine that moves Citroen C4: Spark plug problem:

Otherwise it is possible that there is an ignition problem, this happens more often on gasoline vehicles because when a spark plugs is faulty the combustion of the fuel is not carried out correctly and consequently the cylinder does not create the necessary energy.

In each case there will be a feeling of hollow in the operation of the motor. For more details you can consult the following article: Citroen C4 difficult start.

Constant Citroen C4 engine vibrations:

Engine moving Citroen C4: Engine support problem:

The engine of your Citroen C4 is supported by a support in order to reduce shaking and also cushion shock. However, over time or as a result of a shock, it may happen that the screws and nuts loosen and therefore you will feel vibrations.

Engine moving Citroen C4: Worn silent block:

Also the chassis of your car is provided with silent blocks, which are rubber parts intended to cushion and support the various parts between them. If one of them is damaged you will feel vibrations.

Citroen C4 engine vibrations that increase when changing gears:

Engine moving Citroen C4: Flywheel problem:

Another possibility is a problem with the transmission. That is, the components that transmit energy from the engine to the wheels. This can mainly be the cause if the flywheel is veiled. Indeed, the purpose of this is to transmit the rotations of the engine to the gearbox by coming into contact with the clutch disc. So if the adhesion is not correctly made between these two components, the transmission will not be homogeneous and this will create non-conforming vibrations.

Engine moving Citroen C4: Gearbox problem:

Finally at the level of the transmission it would also be possible that you have a problem at the gearbox level. The transmission shaft can be deformed and thus it does not transfer the rotations well at the engaged speed and this generates abnormal tremors of the transmission box positioned close to the engine.

If you feel the engine vibrate when you slow down it is also possible that it is from the crankshaft pulley on diesels.

Citroen C4 engine vibrations linked to a suspension problem:

Engine moving Citroen C4: Shock absorber and suspension problem:

It is also possible that you suspect the engine however the vibrations could come from suspensions and shock absorbers which are too worn out.

Citroen C4 engine vibrations perceived at the steering wheel when you accelerate or when you slow down:

Engine moving Citroen C4: Parallelism problem:

If this feeling of trembling comes from steering wheel, it is in general related to a problem of parallelism. Moreover, it will intensify when you accelerate. If you are in this situation you will be able to see a abnormal tire degradation of your vehicle because the wheels do not rotate in the correct axis.

Engine moving Citroen C4: Deformed tire, veiled rim:

Otherwise if this happens as soon as you Slow down, one or more tires may be under inflated, therefore start by checking your tire pressure. Otherwise if you are used to parking on the sidewalks, it is also possible that one of the rims be veiled and that a tire is also deformed.

Engine moving Citroen C4: Rolling problem:

Finally a third possibility concerning the wheels of your vehicle would be wear bearings. If you are in this situation you will perceive a thud from the wheels.

Citroen C4 engine vibrations when braking:

Engine moving Citroen C4: Veiled brake disc:

Also in the event that the tremor occurs when braking, in this case it usually means that the veiled brake disc. Indeed if you do not change the brake pads of your vehicle often enough, in this case it will damage the disc, but it is quite risky because it reduces the grip and you will need a longer distance to brake. .

Repair a moving engine problem on Citroen C4:

Once you have diagnosed your car, we very often advise you to go anyway to have your car checked at a garage because it is not a trivial problem. If it is a problem with the engine, repairs such as injector change or then a flywheel repair Or transmission shaft are not easily achievable when you are not a regularit is better to leave them in the hands of experienced garage owners who have the necessary equipment.

What you can do, however, is to do a comparison on the internet. Indeed now that you know the origin of the problem, you can browse the various offers on the internet and select the prices, in particular on the change of injectors which is quite frequent on diesel.

To finish: When the engine of your Citroen C4 move in an unusual way it is not a problem to be minimized and let drag on in time because it can have more important consequences and the repair rate will increase very quickly.

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