Seat stuck Citroen C3 Picasso in position

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How can I fix my stuck-in-recline chair in my Citroen C2?

The seat in my Citroen C2 will fold forwards and slide, but on placing it back upright will only stay with the seatback reclined. The normal reclining function on the chair doesn’t work.

Is there any way of fixing this?

Hi Pete
top bloke worked a treat, thank you

Clive R
November 2021

Peter’s fix worked for me too. Thanks mate.

June 2020

Peter, I had the same problem. You’re a legend the garage were going to charge me for a new seat, your fix did the trick in less than 20seconds

January 2019

Thanks Peter excellent solution, worked a treat!

May 2015

O.k. firstly get the seat i the fully reclined and pushed back position. Now kneel on the seat with your hands on the shoulder rests. Push back. You will notice that one side has a flex to it and the other feels rigid. Now push firmly on the flexy side until it clicks. Presto seat is fixed.

April 2015

i had the same problem and i just fixed it.

Firstly i took the whole seat out took both the handels off and using a adjusatable spanner forced the back adjuster the way it wouldnt turn. (a quick jerk on both sides) one side freed and it worked again.