How much does it cost to change brake pads on a Citroen C-zero?

Brake pads are major elements for road safety. It is therefore essential to keep them frequently. However, you do not know what the cost of replacing brake pads for your Citroen C-zero. It is to do so that in this article we will explain everything to you. We will start by giving you a price range for brake pads. But at the same time we will indicate prices for a package including labor and replacement. Thereafter, we will detail at the same time the frequency for the maintenance of this part, so that you can control your costs for your Citroen C-zero

What are the prices for a replacement of pads on Citroen C-zero

So you should know first of all that the brake system is made of several parts.

  • There are brake pads. You also have two per wheel, making a total of 8 on your Citroen C-zero. These are made of friction materials called lining which rub to reduce the inertia of the wheel. However, these are elements of wear because as the linings get damaged and the grip becomes less efficient.
  • However, there is also the brake disc installed on each wheel, therefore 4 discs on your Citroen C-zero. However, if you wait too long before replacing the pads, this will prematurely damage the disc. And you will have to replace it at the same time. So it will cost you much more.
  • Also, the brake system also contains brake fluid which will create a certain pressure on the pads so that they come into contact.

So these 3 parts are major for braking. So when you are thinking of replacing or managing a part you must check the other 2 elements. This will give you the opportunity to maintain good general maintenance of the brake system on your Citroen C-zero.

The average price of brake pads for a Citroen C-zero

We strongly recommend that you replace pads per axle because otherwise you can create an imbalance at the moment of braking. So you will have to provide at least 4 brake pads when purchasing. The batch of 4 brake pads can be bought around 20 to 60 euros on online sales sites.

To select brake pads which correspond to your car and of the correct quality, we suggest that you listen to the manufacturer’s recommendations detailed in the maintenance booklet for your Citroen C-zero.

You can then replace the part yourself so as not to pay the labor costs. However, if you are not used to mechanics, we do not recommend that you do it on your own. The pads are major elements and require the dismantling of various parts before being able to reach them. So to avoid making a mistake, favor replacement in car brands.

The price of a labor package + replacement of pads on Citroen C-zero:

It will take approximately between 60 and 100 euros for a full package in a large automotive brand. This package must include the purchase of brake pads for 2 wheels, front or rear. But also the workforce. And the brake system check including checking discs and brake fluid.

On the other hand, if the discs are to be replaced at the same time, it will be necessary to provide for the double, ie around 180 euros to 250 euros.

How to store the brake pads on a Citroen C-zero

To properly preserve the brake pads of your Citroen C-zero, you will have to replace them regularly but also adapt your way of driving.

Indeed, in order to be able to delay replacing the brake pads on your Citroen C-zero, we advise you to use the engine brake. The latter will reduce engine revolutions when you reduce your speed when approaching an obstacle. So when you arrive at a roundabout, we advise you to take your foot off the gear lever, then disengage and finally downshift. This reason will naturally reduce the engine speed, without you having to use the brake pedal which wears down the brake pads.

How often should the pads be changed on a Citroen C-zero

It takes about replace the pads around 15 to 30 km. However, this will of course depend on your driving style. If you do not use engine braking frequently and opt for sporty driving, then they will wear out more quickly. However, it will also depend on where you are driving. Indeed if you are driving in town in traffic, in this case the brakes will be much more stressed than in the countryside. Thus, we suggest managing them at least once a year. And for example before the technical control, compulsory every two years. In the event that the pads are damaged during the check, you will probably have a counter visit.

You should know that if you ever hear noises when braking, this is a first sign of wear and should not be taken lightly. In fact, if the pads wear out, the braking distance is increased. So it will be necessary to increase the safety distances as soon as you drive and especially in rainy weather otherwise you risk having an accident.

Finally : keeping the brake pads properly on a Citroen C-zero is essential for your safety and that of other motorists. So they will have to be replaced regularly and therefore provide an annual budget for the replacement. Now you know more about the average price of a brake pad replacement on Citroen C-zero. But this may of course vary depending on the car brand.