How to change the batteries in the card of a skoda octavia

We have always tried to help you solve the little hassles that go with the use of your skoda octavia. In this article, we are therefore going to discover a problem which may seem trivial but which quickly turns out to be annoying if it is not fixed. Indeed, we will help you to discover how to change the batteries of the card of a skoda octavia? The interest of this style of cards is to walk hands-free, however without energy your card will be useless. This is how, first, we will see how the map of a skoda octavia works, in a second step how to replace the battery of the map of a skoda octavia, and, finally, which battery is suitable for the map of your car.

How does the map of a skoda octavia work

Before showing you the technique for replacing the batteries of the hands-free card in your skoda octavia, we will briefly explain to you how it works and what benefits you can derive from using it. Who has never taken the time to find their car keys in their bag or in their pockets? For some years car manufacturers have been trying to find a solution to this problem. With the arrival of new wireless technologies the problems of keys will quickly become remote! We are going to explain the specifics and operation of the card in your skoda octavia below:

  • Uses wireless technology that produces a frequency of 433 Mhz
  • Receivers/transmitters are installed on the car and in the card so that the two can exchange data
  • It offers the possibility of unlocking the car simply by waving your hand in front of the door or by pulling the handle if the card is next to your skoda octavia
  • There are two card models for skoda octavia, one which allows you to open and close like a central locking using a button, and the other which will allow you to open without even touching the card.
  • There is an emergency key inside the card so that you can open the door and start your skoda octavia in the event that you have no more battery on that one

How to replace the card battery of a skoda octavia?

We will now start the section that probably attracts you the most in this tutorial, the technique to replace the card battery of a skoda octavia? Indeed this wireless technology automatically requires energy to work. When the batteries of your card are dead you will no longer be able to open the doors of your skoda octavia remotely, however using the physical key which is inside it you can do so from manual way. As regards the ignition of your skoda octavia, all you have to do is insert the card into the slot provided for this purpose, even without a battery it is made up of a chip which allows your car to start. We now begin the procedure to replace the card battery of your skoda octavia:

  • Press the button at the bottom and at the same time pull the emergency key
  • You will have to locate a tab that will allow you to open the case of your card in two
  • Use a thin object to pry and remove the orte battery from the card of your skoda octavia
  • Install the new battery in the slot provided to receive it
  • Reassemble the map of your car
  • On some models it will work automatically, on others, you have to press the button 4 times to restart it

Which battery corresponds to the card of a skoda octavia?

Finally, to conclude our guide we will help you to choose the card battery for your skoda octavia. They all look very similar and it is not always easy to choose the right one. It’s about a 3V CR lithium battery, regarding the battery number following the year of your car, it can be either 2016, 2032 or 1620.

If you ever have other hassles or other questions about the skoda octavia, you can certainly find the solution in our guide to the skoda octavia.