How to change the headlights on my Citroen Berlingo

Have a lighthouse problem can be dangerous but can also give rise to a fine of up to 68 euros and even a loss of 4 points on the license if you were found to be driving without lights at night.

Also, if only one headlight is working, such as a low beam, other drivers could mistake you for a motorcycle and potentially cause an accident. Here are the different reasons that lead us to want to accompany you as this article progresses. change the headlights of your Citroen Berlingo.

The objective of this article is to allow you to change the defective headlight on your Citroen Berlingo.

In theory, changing a bulb in a Citroen Berlingo takes you on average 1 hour (20 minutes for the most experienced and 1:30 for the novices).

To achieve this, we will try to explain to you how reach the headlight housings in a Citroen Berlingo, then how to replace the defective bulb.

A little preliminary advice before changing the headlights of your Citroen Berlingo

  • Before replacing your light it is important to identify the type of bulb defective on your Citroen Berlingo. To simply choose the appropriate bulbs you can go to the following article «How to choose a Bulb for my Citroen Berlingo» this will help you to know the power and the type of bulb according to the defective headlight, for example if you want to change the reverse light on your Citroen Berlingo, then we suggest you to buy a P21W filament type bulb.
  • When changing a light bulb, it makes more sense to change the pair (Ex: Low beam on the right and low beam on the left) to guarantee the same level of performance and longevity.
  • First, to safely carry out the manipulation, it is essential to disconnect your battery.Effectively, you will be handling electrical objects so it is better to cut power just like you would to change a light bulb in your home.
  • Then when you change the bulb of your Citroen Berlingo do not touch the glass part directly with bare hands, these are conductive parts, you could burn yourself. Equip yourself with insulating gloves so as not to take any risks.
  • Logically, at the end of this article you will be able to change a defective headlight on your Citroen Berlingo, we therefore recommend that you have a set of spare bulbs in your vehicle.

How to change a headlight on your Citroen Berlingo

For this part we advise you to equip yourself with a flat screwdriver (size: 8 to 13) or a pipe wrench.

To change a Headlight, the procedure is as follows for the lights mentioned below:

  • Position
  • Turn signal
  • crossing
  • Road
  • Anti-fog
  1. Open the hood of your Citroen Berlingo and hold it open using the stand
  2. Identify faulty fire
  3. Using the screwdriver, remove the plastic support by removing the screws
  4. Turn the round case
  5. Disconnect the electrical connector from the bulb
  6. Remove the pin
  7. Unscrew the bulb counterclockwise
  8. Replace it with the new bulb
  9. Note: it is better to avoid touching the glass part so as not to leave a trace
  10. It must be inserted easily and without forcing
  11. Replace the pin
  12. Reconnect the bulb to your Citroen Berlingo
  13. Screw the plastic shell back on
  14. Replace the plastic cash screws
  15. Close the hood and try your lights

Changing a Tail Lights on your Citroen Berlingo:

  • Position light
  • Stop light
  • Reverse light
  • Fog light

Here is the procedure:

  1. Disconnect the battery for safe handling (CF: article How to change my battery)
  2. Open the trunk of your Citroen Berlingo
  3. Identify the side of the defective headlight Remove the coating to access the body
  4. Disconnect the connector using the flat screwdriver
  5. Unscrew the nuts to remove the rear light
  6. Once the headlight is unscrewed, remove the nut from the light housing
  7. Remove the case
  8. Change the damaged bulb
  9. Reposition the box of your Citroen Berlingo
  10. Screw the case back on
  11. The same goes for the tail light and the knurled nut
  12. Remember to reconnect the light connector
  13. Replace the covering
  14. Reconnect the battery
  15. Test the proper functioning of the lights of your Citroen Berlingo


Here are the various steps to follow in order to replace a headlight on your Citroen Berlingo. Be patient, remember to equip yourself with insulating material to avoid the risk of electrocution, follow the steps carefully and the trick will be played very quickly.

If, however, you were not comfortable with these different steps, call a specialist to secure the procedure on your Citroen Berlingo.