How to change the indicator bulb on Citroen Saxo

Using flashing lights that work remains mandatory. Think about it, omitting a flashing light is punishable by 3 point on your driver’s license as well as a fine . Even if some law enforcement officials are regularly complacent about this. It therefore remains important to have indicators that work properly. We will therefore discover in this article how to change the bulb of a indicator of a Citroen Saxo, at the front and the rear. It is sometimes likely that the malfunction comes from a short circuit, however it remains quite exceptional.

Citroen Saxo: things to know before changing your turn signal

At first it is important to correctly buy the model of your bulb! So as not to be mistaken, it is advisable to go to a spare parts site or to your garage which can order them for you. Thereafter you will have to be careful to select the right color for your bulb. Then you will need to use a tools extremely simple but nevertheless essential. You will need a screwdriver for a Citroen Saxo. A game of cruciform and torx and you will be able to do it. Generally, the bulbs are at bayonet . In order to be able to dismantle the damaged bulb, you must turn it a quarter of a turn to the left. In order to put the new bulb, it is then necessary to turn a quarter of a turn in the opposite direction.

How to change the bulb of a front indicator on a Citroen Saxo

There are two different ways to reach the indicators. It depends on the different models, however access will be either from the outside or from the inside on a Citroen Saxo. Access from inside the engine : First of all, you have to open your hood. Then, it is necessary to loosen a cover using a screwdriver (often torx) in order to access the headlight unit. When the block is unscrewed, remove it and you can change this bulb. Wheel arch access : Look under the wheel to see if the clips are there. When this is happening, it is necessary to remove the hooks and remove the screws with the help of your screwdriver. Then remove the headlight block from the Citroen Saxo gently from the front. It is now enough to change your bulb and reattach the block of lights following the opposite procedure. Exceptionally, on some models it is likely to remove the headlight unit from the outside. But it is quite rare. When this is happening, using a screwdriver you will need to remove the fasteners, release the headlight unit slowly and replace your failed bulb.

How to change the bulb of a rear indicator on a Citroen Saxo

There are also two different ways to access your turn signal bulb. It can depend on the different types however the access will be done either inside or outside. Access from inside the trunk : Almost every time access will be through the interior of the trunk. At the headlight blocks, there are screws and fasteners. Remove them and take the piece off slowly. Then it is necessary to simply replace this faulty bulb with a new one. Then repeat this operation in the other direction. It also remains likely that access can be from the outside or under the wheel arch. But it is much rarer. In all cases, it is necessary to use your screwdriver and gently remove the entire light unit in order to change this bulb. To reassemble, do the reverse manipulation.