How to display the mileage of a Citroen C-zero?

In our series of articles to facilitate the handling of your Citroen C-zero, we go to the handling of the controls, the dashboard, you will learn everything about the information related to the mileage of your vehicle, and especially how to display the mileage of a Citroen C-zero? This information is quite important, whether you want to know the real mileage of a used car, or just to know your mileage range with a full tank. Operation that we are very much to appreciate accomplishing to control the passages to the pump as well as possible.

To do this, first of all, we will explain the differences between the two types of odometer of your Citroen C-zero, then how to display the mileage of your car. In this part we will detail the different methods to display each type of counter.

The different odometers of a Citroen C-zero

We therefore begin our article with us interested in the two kinds of odometer installed on your Citroen C-zero. In fact, depending on the data you want to have, you will not use the same counter.

The total odometer which is located on the dashboard, generally directly on the speedometer, where you can read most of the information concerning your engine and your Citroen C-zero. However, it has been ten years since vehicles have been digitized and they are equipped with more and more options and gadgets. On a majority of recent Citroen C-zero, you will have to check on the central touch screen to retrieve these indications.

Second odometer that you can use or read, is the daily counter which is also called the «trip». This counter can be reset at any time, and can generally reach the 10km.

The method to see the mileage of a Citroen C-zero?

Now that you have learned about the different odometers, we will show you the methods to see each of them. We will end this post by giving you a little tip to check if the mileage of your Citroen C-zero is real. In the event that you have other meter problems and need reset the oil change counter of your Citroen C-zero, we invite you to read our article on this topic.

How to display the total mileage of a Citroen C-zero?

First of the odometers that can be displayed on a Citroen C-zero is the general counter. It will save all of your car’s journeys and accumulate all of the kilometers you have traveled. It’s automatically very practical to know when you have to carry out the maintenance of your car, to resell it, or quite simply to follow the evolution of your engine.

Displaying the total odometer is a really basic manipulation, depending on the finish and the year of your Citroen C-zero, it is quite possible that it is directly displayed on your dashboard, near your speedometer. Or, you will have to use the comodo with the «trip» button . Click on it until this info appears on your dashboard. In the event that you are unable to display it when you have followed the instructions, on certain more advanced models, it is on the screen of the central console.

The method to display the daily odometer of a Citroen C-zero?

Second counter which is more useful for check the range of your Citroen C-zero, or estimate the distance of a trip. Seeing the daily mileage of your car is not more difficult than that. Generally, as we have just told you above, it is the total odometer which has display priority. However, to achieve the «trip» you will only have to use the same procedure as seen above. You go quickly notice a «trip» button on the left or right comodo of your Citroen C-zero , all you have to do is press it and scroll through the various data until you see the daily mileage displayed.

The method to check the real mileage of a Citroen C-zero?

Last section, we wanted to give you some advice, and certainly some of you want to authenticate the actual mileage of a Citroen C-zero before any purchase. It is true that for several decades we have heard of used vehicles with modified mileage. This was often the case on older systems where you could easily change the mileage using a drill. However, even if it is still possible since the odometers of Citroen C-zero are digital, this practice is more complex.

We advise you nevertheless to reassure you and be sure of a good deal of:

  • Check the maintenance book of the car: There will generally be the mileage at the time of the intervention, this can allow you to follow the evolution of the automobile
  • Call a dealer who will be able to identify the mileage modifier box