How to install a reversing radar on Citroen C15?

There are an impressive number of features on modern vehicles, despite everything, because of your budget or the year of your Citroen C15, it is rare to have access to all these options. We are going to help you today to gain in comfort of use by detailing how to install a reversing radar on a Citroen C15? In fact, this option will make your life easier, especially if you live in town and need to park regularly in tight parking spaces. To help you, we will first see how reversing radars work, then how to mount a reversing radar on a Citroen C15, and, finally, what is the price of a reversing radar?

How do the reversing radars of a Citroen C15 work?

We thus begin with the operation of a reversing radar. As we explained to you earlier, this particularly useful option allows you to back up with your Citroen C15 without risking hitting any obstacle by warning you of its proximity. It is therefore particularly logical that people who need to park often, whose visibility is poor, or the size of the car is important.
Most often fitted as standard, the reversing radars of a Citroen C15 consist of a combination of sensors (minimum 4) which come into action when you activate reverse gear and whose mission is to warn you of the proximity of an obstacle. The technology used is ultrasound, which will emit a signal which will bounce off the obstacle and be redirected to the sensor. A computer will analyze the duration of this journey and calculate the distance between the obstacle and the radar. In general, you will have an audible warning light in the passenger compartment which will increase in intensity with the proximity of the obstacle and sometimes a visual cue in addition. The reversing radars of a Citroen C15 will help you to parking, without forgetting for safety and to avoid pedestrians.

How to install reversing radars on a Citroen C15?

We now move on to the step that certainly interests you the most, namely the installation of reversing radars on a Citroen C15. This section is of interest to you if your car is not fitted with standard radars and you still want to benefit from this technology, or if you need to replace a damaged one. You’re in luck it is easy to buy second-fit reversing radars to fit yourself on your Citroen C15.

Replacing a broken reversing radar on a Citroen C15

I will first see how you go about change a defective reversing radar on a Citroen C15. If your Citroen C15 has ever had a rear impact and one or more of your reversing radar sensors has been damaged, you will need to change it to allow the mechanism to work optimally again. You will be happy to learn that this intervention is not very difficult to perform, you can even do it yourself without special DIY skills:

  • Get a new reversing radar from your car brand
  • Disconnect the damaged sensor from the rear of the bumper
  • Remove the reversing radar from your faulty Citroen C15, you will get there without any problems, it is only clipped on
  • Replace the new sensor and connect the
  • All you have to do is check that the problem is solved by reversing

Fit a second-hand reversing radar on a Citroen C15

We now move on to the part that probably interests you the most, the procedure for mounting a reversing radar on a Citroen C15 which does not have one? As we described to you above, you are lucky because there are an impressive number of reversing radar models to fix yourself. That said, the most efficient and robust versions will be models that fit into your bumper. We will focus on these models in this section. It is important to have some fundamentals in electricity, and some notions of DIY to be able to assume the installation of the kit on your own. You will certainly have to dismantle the bumper of your Citroen C15 for installation, remember to consult our guide on this subject to learn how to do it. If ever you do not feel able, you can ask for help from a pro, the operation will take him between 1 and 2 hours, and for you around 3 hours.

  • You just have to follow the installation instructions, however we will help you discover the main steps so that you are aware of what to do before buying a kit.
  • Remove the bumper in the event that access to install the different parts is not sufficient
  • Think about the ideal position of the sensors to avoid blind spots, thanks to the supplied drill bell, drill your bumper
  • Place the different sensors
  • Pass the cables to the headlight unit in which the reverse gear lighting is located
  • Transplant the wires to connect your reversing radars to it
  • Test it all out

Install a reversing radar without drilling on a Citroen C15

And finally, we will now explain to you how to install reversing radar without drilling on a Citroen C15. There are two types, the ultrasonic ones which are more fragile because they are exposed to shocks, and the electromagnetic ones which stick to the back of the bumper and which are therefore protected. The big advantage of the two styles is that they will not require you to make modifications to the rear of your car and they are relatively simple to remove. This type of radar sticks to the bumper. The installation of these types of sensors will often be the same.

  • Read the user manual which is accessible with some basics in electricity
  • Locate the ideal location for your sensors, either behind the bumper for the electromagnetic reversing radar (adhesive strip) and or the different locations of the ultrasonic sensors
  • Glue them, then make the connection using the box provided for that.
  • Take a test

How much does it cost to install a reversing radar for a Citroen C15?

Cost of replacing a broken reversing radar of a Citroen C15

The change of a broken reversing radar will depend on the kit, however the price will be between 10 and 30 euros per sensor. You need about a hundred euros for the installation of the kit by a professional.

Price of an ultrasonic reversing radar with drilling for Citroen C15

For models with holes there are many different models and brands but you will have to count around 50 euros for a well-made kit.

Price of a reversing radar without drilling for a Citroen C15

Finally, for the price of a reversing radar without drilling for your Citroen C15, no matter what genre you choose, you will have to fork out between 30 and 60 euros.