How to install Carplay on Citroen Ds5

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Today iPhones have become essential in our everyday life. However, it is forbidden and also risky to use them while driving. This is the reason why Apple created the Carplay application so that you can connect your iPhone to your Citroen Ds5.
In this article we can show you how to install Carplay on your Citroen Ds5.

Note: one in 10 accidents is caused by using the telephone while driving. This is the reason why it has been banned since 2003. Thus you incur a fine ranging from 135 euros and three license points. In addition, if the driver accumulates the offenses, for example speeding or drunk driving, since 2019 you can be sanctioned with a license suspension.

This is why the Carplay application can become a good solution for driving more safely.

In this article we will start by making you a presentation of the Carplay application for Citroen Ds5 and we will detail you the features provided by Carplay on Citroen Ds5 . Thereafter we will explain how to install Carplay on Citroen Ds5 and finally how to use Carplay on Citroen Ds5 .

1-Presentation of the Carplay application for Citroen Ds5:

1.1-What is the Carplay iOs application for?

Carplay is an application accessible in your Citroen Ds5, it works with 5th generation iPhones. This will allow you to have the screen of your laptop on the console of your Citroen Ds5. The aim is to make it easier to use certain applications on your mobile, such as the telephone in your vehicle. In addition, Carplay provides for Siri voice recognition control. Thanks to this you will be able to use your laptop without having to manipulate the screen.
Note that if you want to activate the voice command in your Citroen Ds5, you have a button on the steering wheel, once you have clicked on this button you will have to express your request to Siri for example: «call home» .

1.2-The functionalities provided by Carplay on Citroen Ds5:

With Carplay you will have access to a menu screen where all the accessible functions presented below will be grouped.

  • Via Carplay you can call, either by clicking on the dashboard icon or by launching a Siri voice command.
  • Or you have the possibility to write a message by dictating an order.
  • It will also be possible to follow a navigation on a GPS different from that installed in your Citroen Ds5.
  • And of course you will be able to listen to music stored in your laptop or podcasts et audio books.

Note that not all of the applications on your phone are accessible on Carplay. In fact, only the appropriate and authorized applications for driving will be accessible.

2-How to install Carplay on Citroen Ds5?

Start with the ignition of your Citroen Ds5. Then you will need to connect your iPhone to the vehicle. There are two possibilities, either using a cable and the USB socket or with bluetooth.

2.1-Activate Carplay via the USB socket on my Citroen Ds5:

In the first case, use the iPhone charger cable with the USB plug that you will connect to the console of your Citroen Ds5.
Small precision, the USB socket of your Citroen Ds5 positioned on the console is limited to 0,5 amps. Therefore it will not be able to charge your iPhone, in the best case it will conserve the battery of your cell phone. If you want to charge your iPhone, we recommend that you use an adapter for the cigarette lighter socket because it has more power.

2.2-Activate Carplay via bluetooth on my Citroen Ds5:

  • First you need to make sure that your laptop is detectable in your connection settings.
  • Then launch a search via the bluetooth screen of your Citroen Ds5.
  • It will identify the phones with the bluetooth connected then you will have to select yours.
  • Then you will need to enter the security number in the console of your Citroen Ds5 but also in your iPhone.
  • To finish you will have to validate the sharing in your mobile. You have to go to the connection configuration and check that the bluetooth icon is connected.

When activation is done, as with the USB port, the Carplay screen will automatically appear on the dashboard of your Citroen Ds5.

3-How to use Carplay on Citroen Ds5

Then to use Carplay on your Citroen Ds5 it’s very simple. You have a menu in which you will find all the accessible applications. Then you can use them in the same way as on your phone.

3.1-How to remove Carplay on Citroen Ds5

If you want to deactivate Carplay on your Citroen Ds5, you just have to deactivate Siri.

To conclude : Using Carplay is very easy but also allows you to use features of your phone in a more secure way. However, stay vigilant on the road.

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