How to open the boot of my Citroen C4 manually?

You are probably out of ideas and you are faced with a problem with your Citroen C4 that you cannot solve. You’re in luck, we tried to ask all the questions you may have in advance in order to make your life easier. In this article we will focus on trunk issues, and more specifically, how to manually open the trunk of a Citroen C4?

With this in mind, we will first discover when it can be useful to open your trunk manually, you will no doubt recognize yourself in one of these scenarios, then the different possibilities for opening the trunk of your Citroen C4 .

What is the point of opening the trunk of a Citroen C4 manually?

Before explaining to you in detail how to do it and explaining to you the different effective methods that we have found to open the trunk of your Citroen C4, we wanted to quickly summarize the times when going through a manual opening of your trunk is useful.

It often happens, if you fill the trunk of your Citroen C4 a little too much, that an object comes block the boot lock of his Citroen C4 , this can suddenly obstruct the opening mechanism and therefore prevent you from opening your trunk normally. This is less of a problem than ending up with the trunk stuck open, however, it might get in the way of you unloading your cargo.

Second scenario, you have a central locking problem and you can no longer open the doors of your automobile , the best strategy will therefore be to open the boot of your Citroen C4 from inside the passenger compartment. In the event that you are in one of these cases, you will be happy to discover the techniques that we have been looking for for you.

The different ways to open the trunk of a Citroen C4 manually?

We now move on to the part that probably interests you the most in this tutorial, how to manually open the trunk of a Citroen C4? To do this, we will first look at unlocking a trunk, then, secondly, show you how to manually open the trunk from the passenger compartment of a Citroen C4.

How to manually open the trunk of a blocked Citroen C4?

In the event that unfortunately you have blocked the trunk of your Citroen C4, you should know that you are not the only person to whom this happens, and hundreds of motorists have been there before you. In the majority of cases it is nothing serious and it is simply an object or a textile which has slipped into the boot lock of your Citroen C4. This being the case, we quickly tend to panic and force when we risk damaging both the lock of the trunk and the object blocking the opening.

We therefore advise you not to panic, sit down, think and act methodically to regain the use of your safe. The simplest procedure is press down quite firmly on the boot of your Citroen C4 while pressing the opening button. If that doesn’t work, try sideways jerks that can unblock the opening. you are going to have to apply some force and energy to the jerks to try to unlock it, but don’t go so far as to damage the bodywork of your Citroen C4.

If this technique does not work, we advise you to go through the interior of your Citroen C4 to try to identify and unlock the object which is obstructing the lock. It may be necessary, in the event that it is textile, tear the piece to block the pull on each side of the lock. Do not hesitate to remove the plastic covers from the inside of the trunk to have better access.

How to manually open the trunk of a Citroen C4 from the passenger compartment?

Finally, if the trunk release button on your Citroen C4 no longer works and you want to open it from the inside, you will be happy to learn that most vehicle models have a system emergency to open the trunk from the inside. However, depending on the model and year of your Citroen C4, it is not certain that it is equipped with it, here are the 2 options that you may find on your model:

  • Emergency lever: On certain models of Citroen C4 the manufacturer has thought of installing an emergency lever to pull to open the trunk from the inside, however, this will depend on the options of your car. To do this, inspect the interior panel of the trunk if you identify it
  • Pull the closing cable: If you locate the cable for the lock opening mechanism of the blocked trunk of your Citroen C4, you can pull in the direction opposite to the lock, this will have the effect of opening the lock, and pushing the trunk simultaneously outwards you will unlock it