Immobilizer warning light that stays on on Citroen Jumper

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The immobilizer warning light on your Citroen Jumper do not turn off when you insert the contact on your vehicle. Therefore you can’t turn on your car, and it can get very embarrassing especially in the morning before going to work or driving the children to school. So you would like to have tips for at least avoid using a convenience store and be able to drive your vehicle to a professional. This is the reason why in this article we will explain to you Why the immobilizer warning light comes on on your Citroen Jumper. Then depending on what you found, we will provide you with advices so as to try to réparer your concern.

Why does the immobilizer warning light stay on on Citroen Jumper?

What is the role of the immobilizer on Citroen Jumper?

The immobilizer on Citroen Jumper turns out to be a security system which allows you not to start your car without a authentication of the key.

For this, when you insert the key in the switch or while the card is detected in the vehicle, this will close the electrical circuit in order to activate the battery of your car. This will start the immobilizer box Thu communicate via the transponder coil, with the transponder of the key. This must allow key authentication. If the immobilizer unit does not manage to exchange with the key, in this case it will go into safety Theft. This will cut off the power the engine so that it is not able to start and the immobilizer warning light will appear on the console.

Depending on the year of your Citroen Jumper, you may be equipped with a traditional key or a card, but in any case you will have a immobilizer check whenever you want light up the vehicle.

Faults caused by the immobilizer on Citroen Jumper:

When you have a problem with the immobilizer, the indicator light may either stay fixed on the console either flash quickly. In any case in general you will also have difficulty lighting your car. The indicator light will represented by a solid red circle. There may be various possibilities for it to turn on immediately after startup. This is the reason why we will list you various potential failures which activate the immobilizer warning light.

Immobilizer warning light on Citroen Jumper: Neiman or key problem:

The first thing to study is whether the key is still operational. In fact, in the event that she took a shock, it is likely that the latter is damaged. Therefore, we can assume that it is no longer able to communicate with the vehicle thanks to the transponder in order to to authenticate. Or quite simply that she no longer has battery.

So do the verification using the second key of your car, if it works, it means that you may have identified the origin of your dysfunction. If you do not have the second key, try to change by your means the battery. When your Citroen Jumper has a card, you can also read the article below for more information: Citroen Jumper card no longer works .

Otherwise when you have a lock, it is also possible that the contactor seized up, but if so you will have difficulty putting the key in the lock. If you would like more information regarding your contactor concern, do not hesitate to consult the article below: neiman Citroen Jumper problem

Immobilizer warning light on Citroen Jumper: Malfunction of transponder coil or immobilizer unit:

Likewise, it is likely that your vehicle is failing to communicate with the key via the transponder coil. Indeed as indicated above when the authentication is not confirmed, in this case the immobilizer mechanism will be activated in order to guarantee the safety of the car.

Another possibility related to your car, it is possible that the immobilizer box no longer works properly and therefore it does not allow power to the motor although the authentication is correct.

Immobilizer warning light on Citroen Jumper: Relay, battery or fuse problem:

As the immobilizer works through the electrical circuit of your car, in case a component like drums, relay or the fuse of centralization is damaged in this case this may trigger the activation of the immobilizer.

How to fix an activated immobilizer malfunction on Citroen Jumper?

Immobilizer problem repairable by you on Citroen Jumper:

If you want to fix an activated immobilizer problem, we recommend that you start with check the wear of your battery. For this you will need to bring a voltmeter. Then connect the + terminal to that of the battery and that — to the terminal — of the battery. When you turn on your vehicle, the voltmeter should announce about 13 to 15 volts. If you want change the battery of your Citroen Jumper, you can read the article below: Citroen Jumper battery change price.

Then in case the malfunction is not from that, check the relays available at the car’s fuse box. So take advantage to control wear of the centralization fuse. For these you can go through the car’s maintenance booklet. This will allow you to know the exact location of the relay and the fuse dedicated to the immobilizer in the fuse box located near the battery. If one of the two turns out to be damaged in this case do not hesitate to buy one of the same caliber and the change yourself. The handling is rather easy.

Immobilizer problem requiring professional intervention on Citroen Jumper:

However, if you have to change the key, the transponder coil or the immobilizer box, we will have to go in your dealer garage with your registration card and an identity document, to certify that the vehicle belongs to you. It should cost you a hundred euros for a new key.

To sum up: an immobilizer problem may be generated by the key, the transponder coil, or even a battery or relay problem.

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