Fixes and solutions for common Citroen Saxo problems.

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Fault: Engine turns over but does not start:

Possible solutions:

▪ Fuel cut-off switch has tripped you will need to reset it.
▪ Petrol low: I know it sounds daft but its been done many time before. Go fill up a can with fuel and try again!
▪ Fuel injection relay sometimes wears out or ‘sticks’ give it a tap or get a new one.
▪ Fuel pump if you can’t hear it working it’s not!
▪ Fuel filter clogged: especially if you run your tank near to empty all the time it will pick up all the rubbish laying at the bottom of the tank. Have a look and change the fuel filter.
▪ Immobiliser: Happens quite a bit and the key warning light will be up on the dashboard..main dealer here you come!
▪ Spark plugs-if you don’t keep things serviced regularly they break. check the plugs for wear and tear.
▪ Coil and leads.
▪ Crankshaft sensor not expensive and if it goes down your car will not start!
▪ ECU power supply from fuel injection relay wire broken has been known to happen quite a lot.

Fault: hard to start your Citroen Saxo when hot?

Possible solutions:

▪ Spark plugs: Check adjust and replace as required.
▪ Coil, HT leads, coil packs can breakdown when warm / hot
▪ Fuel injectors: One iffy injector will start from cold and run forever unless you turn off the ignition and try to start from hot then it’s all over! Get a spill test done to check injectors.
▪ Intake air temperature sensor if its giving the wrong reading to the ecu your Citroen Saxo won’t start when hot.
▪ Coolant temperature sensor same as above they are not expensive so if in doubt change it.
▪ Crankshaft sensor usually will not start at all if this goes down but has been known to be different when hot.
▪ Cylinder head gasket: Horrible thought we know but Saxo wasn’t immune to head gaskets going. If in doubt arrange for a pressure test at the garage or better still a head gasket chemical test.

Fault: Overheating

Possible solutions:

▪ Coolant levels low: Check levels,top up and find the leak!
▪ Coolant leak this could external (and visible) or internal (between waterways in the engine) and invisible!
▪ Thermostat stuck closed-change thermostat it’s a cheap place to start and could save your head gasket.
▪ Faulty cooling fan switch or relay.
▪ Faulty cooling fan- they do seize over the winter months and could need replacing or just freeing up-watch your fingers!
▪ Cylinder head gasket if in doubt get a pressure or chemical test done at the garage.
▪ Radiator internally corroded / blocked: Sometimes a rad flush will do the trick sometimes it time to replace.
▪ Coolant warning light on continuously but levels are correct: Coolant temperature sensor or switch needs replacing but also check for broken wires.

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