Loudspeaker problem on Citroen C3

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The speakers of your Citroen C3 do not work more, indeed cuts intermittently or they sizzle ? Even though you can still drive with your vehicle, it is quite inconvenient, especially when you want to make a long trip. The problem could have different origins, however in general you will be able to analyze it and even fix it. yourself. This is the reason why we will show you how to spot what is your speaker problem. And in a second step we will send you advices to know how to fix this issue on your Citroen C3 .

Locate the origin of a speaker problem on Citroen C3:

In order for you to understand the source of the problem it is important to categorize it. Indeed, depending on the symptoms, the reasons will be different.

A single HP does not work on Citroen C3:

When only one speaker no longer works on your Citroen C3, the first thing to do is to control the connections. Indeed, it happens regularly that there is a problem of Scotland. Concerning this kind of model, the accessories installations are sometimes faulty. Therefore with the movements when you are traveling, there may be false contacts and this will generate intermittent outages. Remember to see if you are still under the manufacturer’s warranty, this will sometimes cover repairs. Otherwise it is also possible to make the repairs yourself.

After that, if the problem is not there, we advise you to swap the speaker that works in place of the damaged one. This way, when the speaker that worked on the previous stand works again, it means the first speaker is defective and it will need to be changed. However if this is not your case then it might be wise to do a test with a multimeter set to ohmmeter. When this announces an infinite number it means that the speaker is defective.

All the speakers no longer work on Citroen C3:

When the sound is no longer emitted on all the hp suddenly, in general your problem is not related to the speakers since it would be really rare for all to be damaged at the same time. On the other hand it is possible that the problem comes from car radio . So you have to start by checking if the fuse radio did not burn out.

Otherwise it is also possible that when you bought a Citroen C3 second hand, the connections were changed and are on mute. So you should check the power supply of the car radio to the battery. For more details on the car radio, do not hesitate to read the following article: how to turn on the radio on Citroen C3.

Also remember that when you replaced your battery usually you will need to enter a security code to reactivate the radio. You can find it in your maintenance book for your Citroen C3. For more details on this subject do not hesitate to also read the article indicated above.

The hp work but sizzle on Citroen C3:

When the sound sizzles on one or more of your speakers, you must start by checking whether there is a problem with the membranes or suspensions, that is, the surface which vibrates with sound. Indeed the latter ends up being damaged as and if you turn on the sound of the radio very loud. Therefore it might be useful to monitor his condition. To do this remove the plastic cover and examine the part, if the membrane is torn then this could be causing a buzzing sound. In this case it will be necessary to change the speaker.

Then check if the speaker is well hung to its support otherwise it can make it vibrate and therefore crackling.

Otherwise the sizzling problem can also come from amplifier. The latter is generally installed behind the glove box. It is possible to remove the glove box to gain access, then disconnect and reconnect it. Sometimes this can solve your problem if the amplifier was plugged in incorrectly.

Change the defective speaker on Citroen C3:

Choose a speaker for Citroen C3:

Briefly, to choose a speaker you must find out about the diameter of the speaker and the depth, as well as connectors so that it fits your Citroen C3. To do this you can read the maintenance manual for your Citroen C3. Small warning the front speakers do not generally have the same dimension as the rear hp.

The will fluctuate according to the number of channels but if you are not particularly looking for a higher quality sound you can get speakers around a about thirty euros on the internet.

Change a speaker on Citroen C3:

It is necessary to provide you with a toolbox consisting of a flat screwdriver and a torx screwdriver. Start with remove the plastic cover using the flat screwdriver. Then remove the screws that hold the speaker. Finally you must remove the speaker from its holder, you will see 2 connections at the back, unplug the. Take the new speaker and reconnect the, be careful to connect the wires on the right side. Test by turning on the radio. If that doesn’t work, reverse the wires, you probably made a mistake. Once that works you can put the new speaker back in the support, screw all the screws and reattach the cover.

To finish : A speaker problem on Citroen C3 could have various causes however the good news is that you can analyze and even repair or change enough quickly the concern by yourself. This way you save the cost of labor for a mechanic. However, also check if you are still under warranty, it could be interesting for you to go to the dealer to have your speaker replaced at no cost.

To go further in the maintenance of your Citroen C3, do not hesitate to consult our other pages on the Citroen C3.