My Citroen Berlingo 2 vibrates at idle, what should I do?

Your Citroen Berlingo 2 vibrates when you are idling for no reason. You have recently realized the problem, which indicates that your Citroen Berlingo 2 has a small malfunction which must be fixed as soon as possible. The objective of this article is to help you find the nature of these vibrations so that you can fix the fault.

First of all, if you notice that these vibrations are felt when you brake with your Citroen Berlingo 2 and that precisely, you should read our specific article on this subject:

If it’s not just braking, let’s try to see the causes of this problem together.

Different reasons that can make your Citroen Berlingo 2 vibrate when idling

First thing, it is possible that your Citroen Berlingo 2 vibrates at idle speed due to specific weather conditions.
These reasons are quite normal and do not require any repairs to your vehicle.
If you feel these vibrations when the engine is cold and that temperatures are themselves low, chances are this is the source. Why that ? The engine of your Citroen Berlingo 2 needs to be at a specific temperature so that it can have its best performance. If it is cold, it will be difficult to reach it at first, and it will vibrate in your Citroen Berlingo 2 until the temperature conditions are reached. So watch the evolution of the vibrations of your Citroen Berlingo 2 a few minutes after starting your Citroen Berlingo 2.
If your Citroen Berlingo 2 still vibrates at idle after ten minutes or so, the temperature is not the cause.
Also, even if it seems unthinkable, remember to watch the state of the road. It can potentially have been damaged and you are attributing the vibrations to your Citroen Berlingo 2 although the cause is external. Pay attention to this and compare the sensations on different roads.
If this does not apply to the cases we spoke about above, let’s try to analyze with precision the probable origin of these vibrations.

If you have the impression that these vibrations come precisely from the steering wheel of your Citroen Berlingo 2, we recommend that you consult our article written precisely on this subject:
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If this is not the case, let’s see which parts are affected by these vibrations at idle speed.

Mechanical parts causing idling vibrations of a Citroen Berlingo 2

The flywheel:

The flywheel of your Citroen Berlingo 2 is a mechanical part in the form of a disc (hence its name) positioned between the engine and the clutch which allows the transmission between the two. It also makes it possible to limit the shocks generated by the cylinders. If it was damaged, then you could feel vibrations in the steering wheel of your Citroen Berlingo 2. That said, this malfunction does not appear only at start-up, so if the vibrations subside when you are at higher speed, then the fault is. elsewhere. You feel the vibrations continuously even after starting your Citroen Berlingo 2, and above all they would be more and more important with speed.
If the vibrations you feel are very localized towards the engine, and are still present after a few minutes of driving, then you should read our article, which is more specific about this:
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The temperature probe:

The role of this probe is to measure thethe coolant temperature of your Citroen Berlingo 2 and send the information to the computer, in order to calculate the proportion of the water / fuel mixture in order to maximize the operation of the engine. If there were errors in this information, for example the engine behaves as if it was already hot, then it would not work properly and thus vibrate when you are idling.

The spark plugs:

They could be the reason for idling vibrations of a Citroen Berlingo 2. If you have a Citroen Berlingo 2 petrol model, your spark plugs may be worn. These are located at the heart of each cylinder and provide the spark that triggers the combustion of the air-gasoline mixture. If they are damaged, the motor would not be supplied with good power when starting and would have difficulty performing its function properly when you start your Citroen Berlingo 2. Check their age, replacing them if they are old can solve the problem.

The hoses:
In your Citroen Berlingo 2, you have small hoses which are similar to small pipes whose objective is the transport of different fluids. It is very important that they remain waterproof, otherwise your Citroen Berlingo 2 will logically start to accelerate again and again because fuel or oxygen supply will be intermittently.
Another point to watch out for if your Citroen Berlingo 2 vibrates at idle, the calculator. This is responsible for the ignition but also for the injection. He gives the electronic order for this task to be accomplished. Take the picture during an orchestra, an orchestra conductor giving inconsistent instructions, that would be very disjointed. The same is true for your Citroen Berlingo 2, which would start to vibrate. If the computer is involved, it becomes more complicated to adjust on its own. We therefore recommend that you go see a mechanic so that he can recalibrate it or replace it if it is inoperative.

Conclusion on the idling vibrations of my Citroen Berlingo 2

Here are the main causes which can cause your Citroen Berlingo 2 to vibrate at idle. It is important to note that very often it is dirty parts and more generally poorly maintained which will cause these vibrations. Try to regularly monitor the interior of your Citroen Berlingo 2, cleaning what you can.