My Citroen C1 is taking on water, what should I do?

You have noticed that your Citroen C1 is taking on water and it is sometimes difficult to identify the source of the leak.

And this can be inconvenient as vehicles increasingly contain electronic components, so water could damage these systems. In addition, the presence of humidity in your Citroen C1 can produce mold inside your car which can be harmful to your health and damage the interior of your Citroen C1 more quickly (rust, etc.)

Interesting to know: If you have been the victim of bad weather which has submerged your vehicle, in this case it will be recognized as unsuitable for repair when the water has risen to the height of the seat. Otherwise for other water damage the insurance companies will ask to make repairs on your Citroen C1.

Indeed, there are several possibilities when we contaste that water enters your automobile. In this article we will first assist you in identify the symptoms of water infiltration in your Citroen C1 . Then in a second step we will tell you the possible causes of water infiltration in your Citroen C1 . Finally we will suggest you solutions to repair infiltration in your Citroen C1.

Identify the symptoms of water infiltration in your Citroen C1

To understand the origin of the infiltrations in your Citroen C1, you must first of all examine the clues.

The climatic conditions in which you use your Citroen C1

First of all it is important to identify if the leak occurred after bad weather. Indeed if there was no heavy rain in the days preceding the degradation, in this case it often means that it comes from your Citroen C1 system.

So there will certainly be a part to replace or repair. We will help you find out later what the source may be.

The smell of liquid seeping into your Citroen C1

Try to identify the smell of liquid coming from the leak. If it smells like mold, it means it’s water. But it can also have an industrial liquid smell like that of windshield washer fluid.
Also check if the fluid is bubbling it can be a good test to identify if the leak is coming from the radiator.

The place to infiltrate your Citroen C1

Finally, identify whether the infiltrated liquid is on the driver or passenger side or at the rear of your vehicle. This will allow you to locate the possible causes of the leak in your Citroen C1.

The possible causes of the infiltration in your Citroen C1

There are 3 main categories of problems caused by the intrusion of fluid inside your Citroen C1.

The drain gutters on your Citroen C1 are clogged

As for your roof if the gutters of your car are blocked in this case it will prevent the water from flowing well in bad weather and thus cause water infiltration.
To understand if your problem comes from there.

Check around the windshield, if the windshield bay is filled with vegetation in this case it is a good indicator. Or if your water infiltration problem is towards the trunk, see if when you open it the upper part is also covered with leaves in this case that could be the source of your problem.

In this case, the fluid entering your car should be cold water and may be in different places depending on the clogged gutter.

A sealing problem on your Citroen C1

You notice that the car is taking in water through the openings: door, window, windshield… So it could be due to a sealing problem.

It should be noted that your Citroen C1 includes a certain number of seals precisely to prevent infiltration problems.
However with wear, temperature changes (hot cold), the rubber of these tends to deteriorate, it becomes stiffer, cracks and therefore can cause rainwater infiltration inside your Citroen C1.

Then you have to identify that the liquid is cold water and is at the level of the openings. Also in this situation you will quickly see damaged gaskets.

An internal leak on your Citroen C1

The third possibility would be a leak in your Citroen C1. This turns out to be more problematic simply because you often have to go to a professional to correct the problem.

The liquid has a peculiar smell

This could come from a bad connection of the pipes intended for the washer fluid. To verify that the problem comes from there, run your windshield wipers. If there is not a lot of liquid and you observe on your parcel shelf or around the dashboard liquid in this case it is likely that the intended hose is disconnected.

The liquid has no smell but it is hot

Subsequently if you observe that the liquid is bubbling in this situation it often means that the leak comes from the radiator.

The liquid comes out of the ventilation of my Citroen C1

Finally if you observe small drops in the vents of your Citroen C1 in this case the problem is caused by poor evacuation of condensation from the air conditioning.
You have the opportunity to examine the problem when you start the air conditioning (drops appear) and turn off the air conditioning (wait a short time and the drops do not reappear) on your Citroen C1.

Solutions to repair infiltrations in your Citroen C1

Once you have been able to make an observation why your Citroen C1 is taking on water, we will guide you to correct this problem.

How to unclog the gutters of my Citroen C1

To prevent further water infiltration into your Citroen C1, we recommend that you spray with a strong water jet each season (karcher) to remove all the plants. Thus the water will be able to evacuate during the next bad weather. So she’s not going to sneak into your car. This is important in autumn with the leaves falling but also in spring because of the pollen.

How to change the door seals on my Citroen C1

In the event that the seals on your Citroen C1 have become too damaged and cause infiltration in your car, we will advise you on various solutions.

Depending on the range, the joints can be glued or clipped.

  • 1st alternative may be to re-glue a damaged portion of the seal with windshield glue. To do this, clean the part properly before gluing. Carefully apply the glue, then close your car door for an hour for the glue to set well.
  • Another solution is to change the seal yourself. To do this, make sure you have a gasket with a rubber with a good value for money, otherwise it will surely deteriorate very quickly and cause infiltration again. In this case, to change the door seal, it is generally necessary to unclip the plastic part located at the seat. As soon as it is removed you simply have to unclip the gasket. Remove dust from the support and then clip the new gasket back on. Remember to make ends meet by integrating the longer part into the shorter part. And then reattach the plastic support.

Finally, we recommend that you frequently maintain the seals of your Citroen C1. To do so, it is very simple, you just have to put vegetable glycerin using a brush on all the joints of your Citroen C1. This technique is safe for you simply because it is a natural product, but also it will not deteriorate the paint of your car.

How to fix an internal leak in my Citroen C1

Finally, in the event that the leak comes from a component of your Citroen C1. Whether it is the radiator, air conditioning or other, we recommend that you go to a professional. In fact, handling the parts to be replaced is difficult without the right equipment.

Particularly because it is often necessary to disassemble certain parts. And in addition, the mechanic will sometimes also see if this has caused other internal faults on your Citroen C1.

Note that the cost for an air conditioning repair in a large retailer will cost at least 68 euros per hour depending on the malfunctions of your Citroen C1.

That’s now normally you can identify the source of the water in your Citroen C1 and you can do the steps to repair this water infiltration in your Citroen C1.