Seat belt warning light that stays on on Citroen Ds5, what to do?

Recent cars are equipped with ever more electronics, and, even in the event that this provides driving comfort, you have to accept the problems that all this technology on board your Citroen Ds5 entails… Blowing fuses, warning lights light up for no reason, features that no longer work, such are the lot of little hassles that you have to be prepared to face.

In this tutorial, we will precisely focus on a small electronic problem that can be annoying but which is not urgent to resolve. Many of you find yourself confronted with a seat belt warning light of their Citroen Ds5 which stays on , and, it is therefore normal to want to deactivate it, or at least, to apprehend the cause of this electronic problem.

To do this, we are going to first explain to you what is the advantage of this seat belt warning light and what the electronic and safety implications of the ignition of the latter are. After that, in a second part, you expose why the seat belt warning light on your Citroen Ds5 stays on , and, finally, how to deactivate it and find a dashboard without disturbing light.

What is the seat belt warning light for on a Citroen Ds5?

The seat belt warning light of a Citroen Ds5 has the function of reminding you to fasten all the seat belts of the passengers in the car. He can be accompanied by an audible alarm, on the other hand, in the event that you wish deactivate the belt beep of your Citroen Ds5, we recommend that you take a look at our article on this subject. This warning light may be linked to the two front seats or to all of the seats in your vehicle depending on the year of manufacture and its finish.

To put it simply, the seats of your Citroen Ds5 are equipped with presence sensors , these sensors are in fact weight sensors which, in the event that a minimum weight is present on the seat base, will trigger at the on-board computer the search for a locked belt. If ever it is not attached, the warning light will be displayed on your instrument panel and it may be associated with the seat belt warning device.

It will therefore be necessary to understand that it is a simple safety measure which is there so that you do not forget to fasten your seat belt and protect yourself and all the passengers.

Seat belt light that stays on on a Citroen Ds5, what to do?

We will now get to the heart of the matter and probably what interests you on this page, understand why the seat belt warning light stays on, whether the alarm is active or not. First of all we will try to present the most common explanations of this electronic fault, then the solutions available to you.

Why does the seat belt warning light stay on on the dashboard of my Citroen Ds5?

There may be several possible causes to explain that a seat belt warning light is stuck on your car, you will find below, the list of the most common causes:

  • An object that is too heavy is placed on the seat and will trigger the presence sensor
  • You have exceeded 10 km/h while driving and your Citroen Ds5 shows you that driving at this speed without having the seat belts fastened is risky for the occupants of the vehicle
  • Le belt buckle sensor is defective and does not give the on-board computer information on one or more seat belts attached
  • Le presence sensor is defective and even in the event that no one is sitting on it, it identifies a mass on the seat

How do I turn off the seat belt warning light on my Citroen Ds5 which remains stuck on?

After explaining the different reasons for a seat belt warning light that stays on on the dashboard of your vehicle, we are going to try to show you the different solutions that you can use to try to deactivate this seat belt warning light on your vehicle. Citroen Ds5:

  • Inspect the presence of documents, groceries, or objects positioned on a seat and which triggers the presence sensor because of too much weight. Sometimes the sensors are very sensitive and activate with a surprisingly light load
  • Try to stop the engine without switching off the ignition and restarting the car, this can sometimes be enough to reset the warning light and deactivate the seat belt warning light on your Citroen Ds5
  • If ever that is not enough, switch off the ignition and restart your vehicle , also remember to undo your seat belts and re-engage them
  • If you have never been able to grasp the cause of the problem, you should know that generally it is either a fault in the presence sensor or in the sensor present in the seat belt attachment that causes this type of problem, you will have to go to a car center or to your garage to have it looked at in more detail