Speed ​​difficult to pass on Citroen Ds3

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Having trouble shifting gears on your Citroen Ds3? Now there are a number of causes related to this. Indeed, it could be difficult to put the 1st, or to change gears Cold, or a concern clutch , or your gearbox ace at each replacement, or the speeds jump… Do not worry about this tutorial we will explain to you why you are having trouble with your gearbox. To do this first, we will tell you failures that could be connected to the gearbox. And finally we will give you some advices in case you should change your gearbox.

Why are gears difficult to shift on your Citroen Ds3?

How does the gearbox work on Citroen Ds3?

In order to understand the concern of your car, it is necessary to know how it marche. So we will start by quickly explaining the gearbox system.

The gearbox of your Citroen Ds3 is an integral part of the transmission circuit of your car. In fact, the transmission mechanism is located adjacent to the flywheel, this will allow the rotations produced by the engine to be transmitted to the wheels and by multiplying them thanks to a gear mechanism. Gear ratios are gears of different diameter arranged on the drive shafts. In this way, the larger the pinion, the more the rotation of the wheels is spring and conversely, the smaller the pinion, the more the speed will be Fast. Consequently, the driver can choose the report he wishes in order to adapt his speed. In general your engine has 5 speeds and reverse, but depending on your configuration you can also have a sixth gear.

To be able to change gear, clutch will also be a major element of the transmission. Indeed the role of the clutch will be to uncouple temporarily the flywheel of the clutch disc in order to stop transmission rotations and by a lever change the pinion. This will make it possible to accelerate or reduce the rotations of the wheels.

Breakdowns related to the gearbox on Citroen Ds3:

Now that you know how a gearbox works you should better understand the problems it can have.

Speed ​​complicated to shift Citroen Ds3: oil problem

The first easy manipulation to perform and check frequently, will be to see if the oil level is correct and if the oil is clean. Without this, the pinion bearings will not be fluid and can generate overheating and friction. In this case you will have struggling to shift gears cold. Here we advise you to carry out the oil drain to put new oil inside the gearbox.

Speed ​​complicated to shift Citroen Ds3: clutch problem

Check that nothing is blocking the clutch pedal of your Citroen Ds3. Especially in the event that you have installed a ground sheet that is too wide, or there may be stones . this can restrict the full clutch of the engine and therefore you will have difficulty changing your gears. Likewise make sure you are correctly positioned inside your vehicle, your knees should be bent a little as soon as you shift into the clutch.

A clutch problem can also come from the worn clutch disc or hydraulic circuit. In this case, you will find that the pedal is too flexible ou too rigid and often 1st gear going to be difficult to activate. It would be advisable to go to a garage to do the repairs without waiting too long.

Speed ​​complicated to pass Citroen Ds3: Synchronizer problem

Le sync aims to guarantee synchronization between the different rooms. When it does not work properly you will perceive crunches in the engine each time you change gears. A malfunction of this type is not negligible, we advise you to see a professional quickly.

Gear complicated to pass: Linkage problem

The linkage allows you to use the lever to change the speed ratio when you change a speed. So if you have a problem, gears will jump as soon as you pass certain speeds. When the latter is damaged it is necessary to replace it without waiting too long.

Tips to replace and maintain a gearbox on Citroen Ds3:

Price of a gearbox replacement on Citroen Ds3:

The gearbox turns out to be an elaborate component of your Citroen Ds3 and it is not easy to replace it yourself if you are a novice. So even if the repair price will be quite high we advise you to go to a garage to carry out this type of repair. Normally it would take allow between 1200 and 2500 euros concerning the replacement of a gearbox at a mechanic’s, labor and parts included.

Maintenance of a gearbox on Citroen Ds3:

To function properly, the gearbox must be greased, and this is achieved with the help of oil. However, as and when it can end up clogging, in particular because it is intended to clean mechanisms residues created by friction. So even if this oil will not need to be replaced as frequently as the engine oil, we advise you to follow the recommendations of the manufacturers indicated in the maintenance booklet of your Citroen Ds3 for the emptying of the gearbox housing. You should plan around 40 and 200 euros depending on the oil you choose.

Then try to drive smoothly et press the clutch pedal firmly when you change the speeds of your vehicles it will help keep your gearbox in good condition.

To conclude: as soon as you perceive difficulty setting gears your car is not a problem to be taken lightly. Indeed as we could see the gearbox happens to be a major component of your Citroen Ds3 , without it your car cannot work. So it is recommended to go without delay to a mechanic to examine your concern and avoid having overly expansive repair costs.

If you ever want to go a little further in the maintenance of your Citroen Ds3, we invite you to consult our other pages on Citroen Ds3.