Steering wheel shaking on Citroen C3, what to do?

Feeling something abnormal in the behavior of your Citroen C3 is really not very reassuring. Fortunately, these signals are not always the announcement of costly repairs. But it is essential to deal with it and to take into account each abnormal sign.

Through this guide we will focus on a Citroen C3 whose steering wheel shakes when braking , this syndrome is well known to professionals, however these origins can be multiple.

We will precisely help you to clearly specify the origin of your concern, we will start by focusing on the origin of a Citroen C3 steering wheel that vibrates when braking , then how to fix this problem.

Why does your steering wheel shake when braking a Citroen C3?

We will therefore start by focusing on the nature of your concern. In the event that you have repeatedly identified tremors in the steering wheel of your Citroen C3 as soon as you brake You have done well to try to understand where this problem comes from. This is not typical behavior for an automobile. However, depending on the situation in which this syndrome appears, the origin may be different. You will find below the different possible reasons for your concern. However, performing an accurate diagnosis on a Citroen C3 without tools and without specific mechanical knowledge is not easy. You can go to your garage.

The steering wheel of your Citroen C3 shakes when braking because of the brake discs

The most common cause of a Citroen C3 shaking when braking is very often linked to the braking system of this one. In fact, several factors can affect their wear:

  • Mountain trips, sporty driving , can heat and deform them. As a result, when you brake, the pads will have trouble pressing against the discs and you will feel vibrations in the direction of your Citroen C3
  • A car that has been parked for too long , you will probably have rust that has formed on the surface of your discs or your pads, you will notice snags and tremors during braking
  • Improper installation of the brake discs of your Citroen C3 , if ever the tightening has been badly executed, the badly installed disc will cause vibrations

The steering wheel of your Citroen C3 vibrates when braking due to the suspension system

Another option, the tremors that you perceive on your Citroen C3 when you brake come from your suspension system. It will be all the more noticeable when the road is damaged. It can be a rod, a silent block, or a suspension ball joint who is responsible for it. You will hear clicks or noises when you drive on damaged roads.

Citroen C3 shaking under braking because of your steering

Since the steering wheel is the only component of your steering system with which you are in contact, it is essential to pay attention to the sensations it provides. The last common cause of these tremors comes from the steering system of your Citroen C3, it is generally the direction ball joints or triangles which are responsible . You will be able to observe a creak when you make a complete turn of the steering wheel when stationary with your automobile.

How to repair vibrations in the steering wheel when braking on a Citroen C3?

Now that you have more information and leads on your problem, you will have to consider the repair. As we explained to you just before, in the event that you have no mechanical knowledge, this tutorial will help you above all to understand the problem and avoid being taken in by an unscrupulous mechanic. You can make several quotes in the event that you are not completely convinced by the first one you have.

In the event that you have other braking problems with your speeds of your Citroen C3 and that the brake pedal is soft, we recommend that you consult our article on this subject.

We’ll give you a fork the cost of repairing a Citroen C3 whose steering wheel vibrates when braking , this will help you not to be fooled, this data takes labor into account:

  • Suspension link: About 150€
  • Silentbloc and suspension arm: About 200€
  • Brake discs plus brake pads: 300€ on average, you have to replace the brake pads when changing discs, especially if your discs were deformed
  • Steering ball joint: Around 100€
  • Suspension ball joint: About 120€