How to turn off Start Stop on Citroen C5

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Has the stop/start functioned since you have had the car? The stop/start relies on the battery being in good condition, and the traffic conditions being appropriate. Some may tell you that it doesn’t work at all when the air conditioning is on, but that is untrue. It will however, decrease the time that the stop/start will keep the engine stopped. The light blinking 3 times is not itself an indication of a fault. It is just that the parameters are not right for the engine to cut out.

I would suggest you speak to the vendors so they know there is a potential issue then give it another week. It may be a warranty issue.

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I haven’t an answer I’m afraid as have the same issue with my Aircross!
My stop start only randomly works and I am bemused as to why it’s so intermittent! I’ve tried turning off all components using power from the battery but nothing seems to make a difference. My battery is fully charged, I’m a low mileage driver, but the journeys I do make are reasonably long, I don’t use my car for local trips and rarely drive at night.
My previous DS3 HDi ‘stop start’, worked faultlessly for the 5 years I owned it.
Someone mentioned that it has something to do with the Aircon settings, but not sure if this is correct?

Citroen C3 Aircross 130BHP Breathing Blue

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Aircon is one of the factors that may make a difference. If you run the system on auto, and when you stop the auto system isn’t demanding cooling, the system may well stop the engine, but as soon as the aircon system demands an aircon start, the stop/start system may well restart the engine.

I have a C4 Picasso HDi. The stop/start system on that stopped functioning for a fair time, and I was just on my way to the dealers when i stopped at the traffic lights and the system decided to work again. Just 2 or 3 times, then nothing for a couple of weeks. Eventually it was diagnosed as a poor battery. A new one solved the issue.

On our C3, the system failed at about the same time I had a service spanner issue. After about a month I took it in, and the issue was diagnosed as a failed ‘downstream oxygen sensor’ After that was fixed and the spanner reset, the stop/start started working again. Was it a coincidence.

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Mine stopped working last November, was perfect for the first year. Recently charged the battery with a slow charger, after 12 hours charge it started to work again. After 2 days it stopped again.

Even after 100 — 180 mile trips it still doesn’t work. I’ll get it looked at before the battery warranty expires. I had a Cactus for 2 years and that worked as expected.

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