What mileage to change the timing belt of its Citroen Ds4?

In the event that you want your Citroen Ds4 to age correctly, you will need to take care of it, and in particular, carry out the maintenance without exceeding the recommended deadlines. However, carrying out the maintenance of your car may seem like a simple task, nevertheless the budget represented by the expenses can vary greatly depending on the model, just like for their particular needs. For each brand, each model and each engine, the manufacturer’s recommendations in terms of maintenance will be different.

Not so easy to understand everything when you have just invested in a new vehicle or a used vehicle, today we are going to help you by describing how to know the mileage to replace the timing belt of a Citroen Ds4?

To do this, to begin with, we will see the importance of this part of your engine block, and why it is necessary to replace it at the right time. Then, secondly, we will move on to the subject that interests you the most, after how many kilometers should the timing belt of your Citroen Ds4 be replaced?

Why should the timing belt of a Citroen Ds4 be replaced?

We therefore begin our text by quickly exposing you the importance of the timing belt of a Citroen Ds4. Indeed, for the majority of us, it is known that it is one of the most expensive maintenance procedures and that should not be missed, however we do not necessarily know why. In reality, the timing belt has a central mission in the good working order of the engine of your Citroen Ds4.

Indeed, this belt, made of rubber and which is toothed will have a mission of synchronization of the various elements of the engine block. Your belt will manage the coordination between the camshaft (valve management) and the crankshaft (piston management). These are the two essential elements for the proper functioning of your engine block. Pistons and valves continually intersect in the cylinders and the slightest synchronization problem can cause a shock between these parts which would have disastrous consequences, hence the interest of replacing the timing belt of its Citroen Ds4 at the right mileage.

How to know the mileage to replace the timing belt of a Citroen Ds4?

We go to the second part of this text, part in which you will finally know when to change the timing belt of your Citroen Ds4?

Read your Citroen Ds4 user manual and old invoices

The first of the solutions is the one that you can all apply and that will answer your question very quickly. Whether you’re wondering if you need to replace the timing belt because you’re buying a used car or you can’t remember when your car’s next timing belt needs to be changed, it’s the same process.

Read the vehicle manual for the recommendations regarding the mileage to change the timing belt of your Citroen Ds4. In most cases, it is each 100 or 000 km that we will replace it. Please note, there may also be a time criterion, in case your belt is more than 5 years old, make sure that it does not need to be replaced. Depending on the engine models it will be 5 or 10 years for the life of the timing belt of a Citroen Ds4.

Carry out a visual check of the timing belt to know when to replace the timing belt of your Citroen Ds4

In the event that you have lost your old invoices, that a salesman cannot give you a clear answer, or that you have doubts in his sincerity about the last change of the timing belt, you will have to find a way to know in case the timing belt of your Citroen Ds4 has been changed!

Be aware, however, that apart from the manufacturers’ recommendations, in the event that the engine has undergone major oil, coolant or fuel leaks, replacement is recommended , quite simply because it may have been damaged by the various fluids.

You therefore still have the possibility of looking in the engine block, find out below some checkpoints to check to know in the event that you need to replace it:

  • Look for the label of the last belt change : In reality, garages, in their majority, all stick a label on the belt cover or in the engine block with the date and mileage of the last replacement
  • Evaluate the condition of the belt of your Citroen Ds4 : In the event that you have access to it, or that you can only remove the belt cover, inspect the condition of the belt, in case it cracks it is time to replace it
  • Listen to the noises: With a few basics, it is possible to locate a belt at the end of its life, get help from a competent person to diagnose them