Where is the cabin filter on Citroen C8?

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The cabin filter of your Citroen C8 is one of the necessary parts maintain regularly in your car. So to be able to verify it on your own, it would be practical to know where it is, this will save you an appointment with the mechanic.

In this tutorial we will start by explaining to you why it is necessary to maintain the cabin filter on Citroen C8 and At what moment. Then we will help you select the cabin filter for your Citroen C8. And then we will tell you where locate cabin filter and we will provide some tips if you want it change .

Why maintain the cabin filter on Citroen C8?

What is the role of the cabin filter on Citroen C8?

Also called pollen filter indeed air conditioning filter, he is destined to clean the air that passes in your car. Indeed, it is made waterproof so as to prevent any penetration of water and external elements which could harm the interior of your Citroen C8. This is why it exists a ventilation mechanism intended get air into the car. However knowing that it is a confined space it is very important to purify the air before it enters. Otherwise you will havecontaminted air and filled with pollen and dust inside your vehicle.

Note: you have to distinguish between the cabin filter which supplies clean air to the driver and the air filter which transmits clean air to the engine.

To synthesize the role of the pollen filter is to purify the outside air, so as to provide through the ventilation mechanism healthy air in the passenger compartment of your vehicle. So, even if the cabin filter has no impact on the performance of your vehicle, it is still advisable to maintain it regularly. so that you do not breathe polluted air.

How to maintain the cabin filter on Citroen C8?

To properly maintain the cabin filter, it is normally advisable to replace it around the 15 to 20 km is around once a year. However when you ride in town, it is quite advisable to change it, or at least to check it around 10 000 km. On the other hand in case you are in rural area you can change your cabin filter every the 2 years it will be enough.

These are recommendations for the regular maintenance of your Citroen C8, however if you notice the signs below it is advisable to replace it fairly quickly:

  • Fortes odor escape from ventilation
  • Difficulty demit the windows
  • Drop of air conditioning ventilation
  • Difficulty for warm up cockpit

This may be a sign that the cabin filter in your Citroen C8 is no longer performing and that it would be important to change it before this damages your ventilation mechanism.

Which cabin filter to choose for Citroen C8?

Know that there is 3 types of cabin filter. However, even if a certain type is originally integrated on your Citroen C8, do not hesitate to change it with another, depending on your requirements. The difference is not linked to the form but to the specificity. So don’t hesitate to adjust the type of filter according to your needs.

You will find the standard pollen filter, this will make it possible to clean the air of pollen and surrounding dust. You can use it in case you drive in a rural area. Then there is the activated carbon filter which will filter in addition to pollen, polluting particles and surrounding odors. This is especially recommended if you are driving around town. Then the polyphenol filter proves to be the most efficient, adding to the filtration of pollen and pollution it can also filter allergens. So in the event that you are a person prone to allergies, we particularly recommend purchasing this type of filter for your Citroen C8.

Where is the cabin filter located on Citroen C8?

Locate the cabin filter on Citroen C8

The cabin filter can be located in different places depending on the year of your Citroen C8. So you can find the cabin filter under the hood of your vehicle inside a dedicated compartment and close to wipers. Or it is also possible to find the filter below the glove box. When you are in this situation, you will have to remove several screws in order to remove the compartment. Finally, it is possible to find the filter under the dashboard. In any case, it will be fixed on the ventilation mechanism of your Citroen C8.

For more details we advise you to consult the maintenance manual for your Citroen C8.

Replace the cabin filter on Citroen C8

If you want to replace the filter of your Citroen C8, you must have a new filter that you will find between 10 and 20 € on the internet, and a cleaning spray. For the dimensions of the filter, do not hesitate to consult the maintenance guide for your Citroen C8. After that to replace it it may be necessary to remove components depending on the location of the filter but if you can reach it without difficulty it will be really simple. You will be enough remove the old filterthen sprinkle with the cleaning spray inside the holder and on the new filter. And finally you will have to replace the new filter in the same way as the old one.

Be aware that change is often included in the revision package annual of your vehicle. If you want more information on the revision rate do not hesitate to consult the article below: price of a service on Citroen C8.

Otherwise if you only want to change this part at a professional, the labor will cost around twenty euros and it will be necessary to add the price of the filter you choose. So you will pay around between 30 and 50 €.

To finish: even if the cabin filter is not intended to improve the operation of your car, we recommend that you maintain it and check it regularly so as to keep your health .

To go further in the maintenance of your Citroen C8, we invite you to consult our other articles on the Citroen C8.