Best Free Coloring Apps For Adults and Kids On Your iPad Pro


Find out how to unleash your creativity with the best free coloring apps on your iPad Pro. Kids and adults get ready, it’s coloring time!

Art gets regarded as a professional career, but some of its aspects like coloring can be relaxing. Thanks to the advent of technology, as a non-artist, you can also color images or favorite designs. Inventions like iPad Pro and the Apple Pen has made coloring easy and fun for both adults and kids. You can utilize these gadgets in your leisure time by making something cool out of coloring while you enjoy optimal relaxation. But you may wonder why iPad Pro with an Apple Pen? No need to fret; in this article, we shall give insight into why iPad Pro is best for all for coloring. Also, you shall get enlightened on the best free coloring apps for adults and kids.

Why Coloring On An iPad Pro is Fun for Kids and Adults

If you love exploration and new challenges, iPad Pro will offer you endless options with many rich books for you to customize and color. Also, thanks to the wide range of filters and colors that come with iPad Pro, you get to test your coloring ability. As a result, you may end up with stunning painted photos. When you are proud of your work, you get free to share it with the world using various art platforms. Your loved ones and friends also don’t get left behind; you can use social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest to share your creativity.

Why iPad Pro Offers the Best Coloring Experience

Best Free Coloring Apps For Adults and Kids On Your iPad Pro

Compared to the traditional white sheets of paper that people used to draw on and color, iPad Pro comes with a sleek design. Its attractive appearance will have you glued to coloring on this gadget the whole day! Besides, you don’t have to scratch your head wondering what to draw to color. It comes with many books for you to color and adjust as you want. Thanks to its edge-to-edge display, you don’t have to strain while coloring. Your paintings are visible and get displayed fully on the screen.

With iPad Pro, you don’t use the home button to navigate as you color because it comes with none. Instead, you get to use an Apple Pen. It comes equipped with magnets that allow the Apple Pen to connect and carry out tasks like the simple pairing, supporting of tap gestures, and wireless charging. Also, it uses 120Hz ProMotion technology to refresh and gets renowned for having the best-advanced display ever!

If the ambient light is too much, you get to use the True Tone feature to adjust it to a comfortable light tone. iPad Pro also comes with a fast single-core performance attributed to its 8 – Core A12X Bionic Chip. You, therefore, don’t have to wait for ages for your command to get executed.

Why Coloring Apps Are Better than Paper

I. Convenient

With the use of an Apple Pen only, you get to color with various colors. You only need to select, and it’s almost an instant task. When coloring on a paper, you use time selecting each color from the available physical coloring options available. Also, you need to draw something to color on paper, while iPad Pro comes with countless books for you to choose and color.

II. Limited Space

You will require a convenient space to place your paper and do the coloring. But with the iPad Pro, you only need to hold it. If you have to put it somewhere, its small size requires a little place.

III. Color Anywhere

You get to color your favorite images anywhere. Thanks to the fact that you can use your iPad Pro anywhere and at any time. You need to organize an appropriate place to color your paper.

IV. Less Mess

Best Free Coloring Apps For Adults and Kids On Your iPad Pro

You only need an Apple Pen to color on your iPad Pro. Coloring on a paper requires solid colors, pencils, brushes, and other items for a successful coloring. As a result, it can become messy because the paints may spill over, your crayons and other things may break and scatter all over, and your paper coloring could tear.

You may wonder what free coloring apps are ideal to use on your iPad Pro. No need to worry; you can use either of the following;

Excellent Free Coloring Apps for Children and Adults

1. Pigment

The Pigment has always ranked high as one of the best coloring books for adults. Its color variety, tons of great photos, and intuitive user-face make this app a perfect anxiety killer. It comes with eye-catching hand-curated but professionally drawn collection of illustrations. The 21 different types of markers, pencils, and brushes will help you enliven your creativity. The fact that Pigment gets compatible with both an Apple Pencil and a third-party stylus makes it worth having.

2. Colorfy

With colorful, your age doesn’t matter. Both kids and adults enjoy a great experience while coloring pictures using this app. You only need to choose the palette you prefer and then tap to color. If you love coloring, Colorfy offers over 1,000 images for you to paint.

3. Recolor

If you have been searching for the best iOS coloring book, then your search ends with this app! It comes with over 1,000 images for you to paint. The harmonic and beautiful color palettes not only helps bring life to your pictures but also help you relax.


As illustrated above, you don’t need to use more time and go messy by coloring on paper. With an ideal coloring app like the ones explained above, an iPad Pro and an Apple Pen, your coloring options are endless. You also get to color from anywhere as you enjoy maximum relaxation.