Extra-Large Sea Lion ‘Pancho’ Shocks Tourists in Cabo San Lucas


Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, is a sport fisherman’s dream vacation spot. The waters are legendary in some circles for their wealth of Tuna, Marlin, Mahi-Mahi, and Wahoo. Charter boats are constantly on the move, renting themselves out for deep sea, bottom, salt water fly, and panga fishing. And fishermen share a sense of competitiveness and camaraderie with each other, sharing their catches of the day and their harrowing tales of their adventures out on the sea.

Sea Lions Exploit Sport Fishing Enthusiasts

Extra-Large Sea Lion ‘Pancho’ Shocks Tourists in Cabo San Lucas

But commercial fishermen and sport fishing enthusiasts are not the only ones hanging around the docks in Cabo, looking to score the «big ones». Dozens of sea lions spend their days lounging about, barking back and forth at each other, and begging for handouts from the gathered humans. With Cabo becoming ever more popular for tourists and fishermen alike, the sea lions have figured out a pretty good racket that keeps them fed without them having to expend much effort.

‘Pancho’ 700 lb King Of Cabo

Extra-Large Sea Lion ‘Pancho’ Shocks Tourists in Cabo San Lucas

And the king of these beggars, the biggest and most forceful of this pinniped (that’s their Clade, for all you science enthusiasts) gang, is Pancho. This 700 lb (probably, no one has actually weighed him) behemoth has taken his begging game to a new level. Not happy with just hanging around the docks waiting for someone to throw him a fish or two, he’s taken to more drastic measures. First he was caught on camera stealing a fisherman’s catch while they were posing for pictures and videos. Then he got really brave and started catching rides on charter boats to charm fish out of surprised, and probably often a bit fearful, vacationers.

As hilarious as it may seem to be accosted by a chonky Otarridae (that’s the sea lion Family, you science nuts) looking for an easy score, it may be time for people to stop giving in to Pancho’s demands. He’s getting bigger and chonkier by the viral video, and that can’t be great for his health. No one wants to be responsible for sea lion diabetes treatment, after all.