Fat Monkey Boss Operates Complex Gang That Hustled Tourists For Food


It seems like in Thailand, it’s always time to get down to business: monkey business, that is. In the city, a gang of Macaques ran a complex snack hustle orchestrated by the head honcho, the big man, Uncle Fatty himself. Uncle Fatty is a social media-famous Macaque and the mastermind of the whole arrangement, as the leader of the gang of monkeys in question.

Monkey Gang Operations

Fat Monkey Boss Operates Complex Gang That Hustled Tourists For Food

The adults of the pack would run about popular tourist areas, looking adorable and badgering tourists for food. Most tourists are only too happy to lavish food and attention upon them, but the gang has other ways of getting what it wants. Namely, stealing. Food that’s left accessible and in the open is fair game, after all. If you really wanted to eat that sandwich, why is it in your hand and not in your mouth? But procurement is only the first step in the gang’s program. Once the monkeys procure the food, they deliver it to the chief of the troop — Uncle Fatty himself.

Uncle Fatty Is Like The Godfather Of Monkeys

Fat Monkey Boss Operates Complex Gang That Hustled Tourists For Food

Curiously, all the Macaques are quite obedient in delivering their catch to Uncle Fatty. Almost as if there are consequences to keep anyone from stepping out of line…? That, we might never know. However, Uncle Fatty seems to be a fairly benevolent monarch. Once his gang brings him their catch, he doesn’t devour it all himself. The workers get to take their fair share first and then Uncle Fatty redistributes much of the catch to the young, the elderly, and others who aren’t capable of hustling on their own. To each according to their need, eh? Looks like Uncle Fatty has read his Marx!

His tremendous gut isn’t a matter of laziness: it’s a trophy, a symbol of a hard-worked desk job as the leader of an organization. If he wasn’t so busy running a community organization, relieving tourists of their extra food and helping the needy, he’d certainly head to the gym.