How Does Ben Affleck's New Girlfriend (Ana de Armas) Compare To His Ex's


Affleck’s Net Worth and Rise to Fame

Thanks to his timeless roles in Good Will Hunting and Gone Girl, Ben Affleck has accrued a financial nest egg of $150 million and counting. His other films, such as Argo, have won him an Academy Award for Best Actor. Certainly, his climb to success has far exceeded his natural height of 6″3, which is tall enough for anyone, star or no.

His fame has had him called not only to his endearing fans, but has won the hearts of countless Hollywood women from which he has dated. A string of first ladies-to-be for Affleck has made him a hot item on the Sunset dating scene.

Ladies in Waiting?

How Does Ben Affleck's New Girlfriend (Ana de Armas) Compare To His Ex's

Ben Affleck is known for his share of the ladies—from high school sweetheart Cheyenne Rothman to his present-day flame Ana de Armas. He has certainly built his dating resume with many high-profile women, from blonde bombshell Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Lopez and beyond.

Others have included the sizzling redhead Jennifer Garner, with whom he shares two daughters and a son. But rumors abounded regarding his affairs with pother women at that time, and they led the relationship to fizzle and die out.

This strapping young Casanova needs no introduction, and he certainly seems to benefit without so much as the services of the famous love archer Cupid. So how does his love timeline go, and what could it say about him and his present-day love interest Ana de Armas?

Affleck and Armas: Soul Mates?

How Does Ben Affleck's New Girlfriend (Ana de Armas) Compare To His Ex's

Ana de Armas certainly seems to be the quintessential ordinary woman among the high profile girlfriends of Affleck’s past. Recent photos sport both wearing jeans, Tshirts, and sneakers while taking an ordinary neighborhood stroll on a sunny afternoon. There appeared to be no glam about it as the two were spotted spending quality time together.

A recent photo from earlier this year has Affleck and Armas walking the dog side by side in suburban LA. Although there appeared to be no hard evidence of any type of romance between the two, some can’t help but wonder what is going on. The presence of a possible family pet is enough to make anyone wonder if the two may be dating casually, or if it’s probable that a tying of the knot is in the works. Only time will tell.