Is Anything Cuter Than Baby Yoda?


Is anything cuter than Baby Yoda? Short answer? No. Like human babies, this one is full of potential. And that adds to his cuteness factor.

From a physical standpoint, Baby Yoda is incredibly adorable. He has big eyes and tiny hands and he plays with things he isn’t supposed to and swallows live frogs whole and sleeps in a bed that follows people around. He has a baby/toddler voice and he likes to escape his space bassinet.

Is Anything Cuter Than Baby Yoda?

Physically he is almost painfully cute. But that isn’t where the down right adorability of Baby Yoda ends. There’s a lot more going on with this little guy, which is why he out-cutes other recent movie critters, such as Baby Groot and the Porgs.

Nothing Cuter Than Baby Yoda, But Where Does He Come From?

Before we dive in to why Baby Yoda reigns as cuteness personified, let’s take a look at where he comes from. For those who haven’t subscribed to Disney Plus, aren’t Star Wars fans, or avoid all social and digital media like the plague, Baby Yoda is a character in the new streaming series The Mandalorian.

Is Anything Cuter Than Baby Yoda?

Set after the fall of the Empire in Return of the Jedi, The Mandalorian is centered around a bounty hunting Mandalorian (played by Pedro Pascal, who never removes his mask to show his handsome face which is a crying shame). While he starts the series with no cares about who he is hunting, why, and what happens to them after he catches them, he has a change of heart relatively early on. And, spoiler alert, that is because of Baby Yoda.

Quick sidenote: viewers know Baby Yoda isn’t Yoda from the original and prequel trilogies. But as Yoda was a member of a species that was never named (the Jedi had him listed under a species similar but not exact), and was one of the only characters of his species portrayed for more than a few minutes (there is another in the Jedi Council but if you blink you’ll probably miss her), and as the baby version currently has no name, Baby Yoda seems an apt moniker. It’s immediately recognizable for fans of the show and those who are just hearing about it.

Returning to The Mandalorian, Baby Yoda so far plays a significant role in the series. He is the catalyst for a number of character building moments as well as action sequences in the series. His inclusion gives a hint of Lone Wolf and Cub to a show that already feels like an old school Western/Samurai crossover.

How Does Cute Baby Yoda Compare To Other Cute Characters

That’s part of the reason that he jumps ahead of some of the other movie critters that have been seen as supremely cute. Not only is he physically adorable, he’s also important to the story he is a part of. He isn’t just sweet window dressing.

The porgs in The Last Jedi are cute, but they don’t really serve a purpose in the story. They are just there while Rey is on Ach-To with Luke. And it’s funny when Chewbacca is eating one in front of the flock (is a group of porgs called a flock? Someone with deeper Star Wars knowledge should let us know).

Is Anything Cuter Than Baby Yoda?

Baby Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy and the Avengers is pretty adorable, but he’s also a place-holder for adult Groot. He’s aging all the time and is only around until the story calls for adult Groot to return.

Is Anything Cuter Than Baby Yoda?

Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon is pretty adorable. He fights like a dragon and acts like a puppy and teaches Hiccup some important lessons about accepting things that are different and letting go of what you love so you can protect it. But he and Hiccup are truly partners, equals, in their story. Toothless doesn’t have to be cared for and looked after like Baby Yoda does. He can protect himself.

Is Anything Cuter Than Baby Yoda?

Cute Baby Yoda Final Verdict!

And while Baby Yoda has proven that he has some slick Force moves up his sleeve, he’s still exactly what his name implies — a baby. He is not able to rescue himself most of the time from danger. He needs someone to watch over him. Someone to take care of him. Like human babies, this one is full of potential. And that adds to his cuteness factor.

So is anything cuter than Baby Yoda?

We’re going with a hard ‘no’.

We dare you to try and prove us wrong.