Maggie Sajak, the daughter of Pat Sajak, has been named the new digital correspondent on Wheel of Fortune


Maggie Sajak, the daughter of Pat Sajak, is officially part of the Wheel of Fortune family after spending some time turning letters while her dad was out for surgery. The 26-year-old is bringing some fresh blood to the show as its newest digital correspondent.

While Maggie won’t actually be part of the on-air crew, she is responsible for hosting exclusive online content including exclusive videos, interviews with the contestants, hosts, and crew, and sharing some special behind-the-scenes deets.

Of course, given the fact that Maggie grew up on the sound stage for Wheel of Fortune, we expect she has some great insider stories she can share with social media fans as well.

Given the ruckus that has been going on over at Jeopardy!, the game show likely feels a little bit of relief to know that Vanna White and Pat Sajak are locked in for two more years and Maggie is always on retainer now should something happen and Pat has to step out again.

Pat is now 74, so it seems likely that may want to retire in the coming years, and this may be a great way to line-up Vanna and Maggie to keep the wheel turning when that time comes.