12 Celebrities Combos That Could Beat Trump In The 2020 Election

Trump's electoral victory in 2016 broke down walls and revolutionized American politics. No longer must any celebrity, influencer, or billionaire let something so petty and elitist as qualifications and experience stop their dreams of striving towards the highest office in the land. If the Democrats want to win in 2020,...

What Happens When A Robotic Spy Puppy Meets Wild Dogs?

Spy Pup is a robotic spy puppy. His outward appearance completely resembles that of the wild dog puppies. Solid-colored with painted patches of brown, black and white. The only give-away is the camera in his eye.The Purpose of the Robotic Spy PuppySpy Pup is in a wild dog pack setting...

These CRAZY Facts Will Make You Say «I Had No Idea»

From interesting details about the USB symbol to neat tricks with Chinese takeout containers, these facts will make you say, "I had no idea."There are many products that you've been using for years that have different origin stories and uses than most people realize.Yes, That's a trident on your USBIf...

Top 10 Archaeological Discoveries We're Still Scratching Our Heads About

Archaeologists have uncovered some unbelievable things across the world that even with modern technology and science are impossible to explain.As they say, the truth is stranger than fiction. Archaeologists have uncovered some unbelievable discoveries that are almost impossible to make sense of - even with the help of modern technology...

20 Death Row Inmates Shocking Last Words Revealed!

Most people don't know when they are about to die. Those on death row have plenty of time to work out what their last words are going to be.Famous last words. It's such a well-known phrase, but most people don't know when they are about to die. Those on death...
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