Lottery Winners Cursed With Terrible Luck

Sometimes winning big in the lottery is more of a curse than a prize. These winners learned the hard way that hitting the jackpot big is not all it's cracked up to be.Winning the lottery seems like a dream come true. Especially if the jackpot is hundreds of thousands or...

Why Do Lemurs Get High?

Lemurs are known to seek the intoxicating euphoria of the noxious millipede. While the natural drug seems like a good time, the lemurs' primary purpose for it is not for getting inebriated but to ward off insects.Intoxicating EuphoriaThe intoxication and euphoria experienced by drugs is a state not only craved...

Rappers Crazy Lifestyles That Led To Jail Time

Rappers tend to live in a much more high stakes world, where DUI, drug, gun, and murder charges are not uncommon. Is the fame and fortune worth the risk?When country music star Sam Hunt was charged with a DUI in November 2019, it seemed like a big deal. Dozens of...

Use These Bar Trick Bets And Always Win!

A good night out at the pub with friends ought to be fun. A few bar tricks up your sleeves is a sure way to keep things interesting! Here are the top bar trick bets you will always win.The Bottle and Coin TrickYou need an empty bottle, three coins and...
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