Shocking outcome for the 93-year-old with a traffic ticket!

First Traffic Ticket In 72 YearsNicholas Manzo was summonsed to traffic court for driving through a red light. Of course, this all sounds like a reasonably routine day for Judge Caprio, that is until he notices that Mr. Manzo is 93 years old and a WWII veteran. When Mr. Manzo...

Creepy Shark Discovered In Abandoned Building

Right Out Of A Horror MovieIt's the start of just about every horror film you can think of. Picture it: you've broken through the gate of an abandoned wildlife park with your friends. It's night time and the only light is from your phone flashlight. You're laughing and playing around,...

Everything You Need to Know about WWIII

We've just received shocking, unbelievable information: a man wearing bizarre clothing and seemingly able to speak all languages has arrived at our office! He claims to be a time traveler. He looks rather worse for wear, and he's reportedly from Elonsburg, New Cincinnati on Mars, year 2051! He arrived in...
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