Rebecca Liddicoat Replaced By Mistress Following Tumultuous Divorce


Rebecca Liddicoat has pretty good reason to be slightly petty following her divorce from RGIII. After all, the ex-wife of Robert Griffin III was said to have been blind-sided by his request for divorce, and almost immediately replaced.

In fact, depending on whose reports you read, RGIII was likely already dating Greta Sadeiko, the blond trackstar bombshell, while he was still married to Rebecca.

He then married her and had two children with her while Rebecca became a single mom to their child. So much for first loves in college, because it appears that it meant very little to RGIII. While no one knows what really went on between the two, we do know that RGIII has a tattoo of Sadeiko and not Rebecca, so that might speak to his varying commitment levels.

Following the cheating scandal, RGIII filed for divorced and Rebecca is said to have grown bitter and attempted to stop him from seeing their daughter Reese. While we aren’t sure how often the two see each other these days, we do know that Rebecca won $1.1 million in the divorce settlement along with full custody and $36,000 monthly in child support.