Schitt’s Creek Says Its Final Goodbye (SPOILERS AHEAD!)


Some shows go out with a distinctively unforgettable ending. For the fans of the television comedy, Schitt’s Creek, Tuesday night’s series finally was a truly emotional experience that perfectly captured the spirit of the hit show. (Spoiler Ahead!)

The Unfortunate Reality of Quarantine

The theme of the Roses being confined to two cheap motel rooms is all too familiar in the current shape of the world. The family has lost all their money, but their strength is that they still have each other.

Finding Treasure from the Rubble

Even though their lives are lacking in worldly riches, the Rose family have spent the last six seasons keeping hope for the future alive through heartbreak, tears, and laughter. As they reached for a better life, their fans were with them through every step of the journey.

Wedding Interrupted

In the final episode, David Rose (Dan Levy) is set to wed Patrick Brewer (Noah Reid). However, a storm throws everything off-kilter, including the cancellation from the officiant.

Mother to the Rescue

With no one to marry them, David’s mom, Moira (Catherine O’Hara), saves the day for the stressed couple. She performs the ceremony, complete with papal regalia.

Tearful Family Goodbye

After the wedding day is behind them, the Rose family gathers to say goodbye to Moira and Johnny Rose (Eugene Levy). The show ends with them leaving Schitt’s Creek to head to Hollywood, so Moira can go back to acting on a soap opera.