Shocking outcome for the 93-year-old with a traffic ticket!


First Traffic Ticket In 72 Years

Nicholas Manzo was summonsed to traffic court for driving through a red light. Of course, this all sounds like a reasonably routine day for Judge Caprio, that is until he notices that Mr. Manzo is 93 years old and a WWII veteran. When Mr. Manzo confirms that he remembers the incident, he also acknowledges that it’s the veteran’s first driving offense in over 72 years!

93 Year Old WWII Service

Shocking outcome for the 93-year-old with a traffic ticket!

Manzo begins to tell a story about how he joined the Navy or at least tried to at first. He admits to the Judge that he forged his birth certificate by a year so that he could sign up early, but was quickly foiled and told to wait. So, the day Manzo turned 17, he returned to join the Navy and didn’t come back for three years from the Pacific during WWII. When Judge Caprio asks for more stories, Mr. Manzo happily obliges. He recalls that his father’s immigration to the US was challenging and that he was unable to find a job until he joined the army and fought during WWI to earn his citizenship. Manzo then explains that his time out on the Pacific was extremely tough, where he witnessed the loss of thousands of marines in countless battles, but that everyone in his family returned home, including himself, of course.

What Happened Next Is Beautiful

Shocking outcome for the 93-year-old with a traffic ticket!

After listening to this genuine story of patriotism, pride, and honorable citizenship, Caprio was never going to put the fine onto Mr. Manzo’s record. The judge dismisses the case and then gets out a check for $50 to cover the court charges and explains that he’s often sent letters from other veterans of WWII who want to help those in need, and one such letter from Mr. Christianson included that check. Judge Caprio ends the court session by thanking Nicholas Manzo for his service to the country and complementing his excellent head of hair.