The Most Unusual Pets That Celebrities Have Owned


Of course celebrities have a lot of money to buy anything they desire—this is the reason why most of them feel no pitch when welcoming even the bizarre pets into their homes. Yes, it is innocuous to say that the pets are pretty unfamiliar.

If you became a celebrity with plenty of money, where would you spend your bucks? Would you gift yourself with a mansion with a basketball court and infinity pool? would you go for your dream cars? Would you choose to adventure and bird-watch around the world? Or you would welcome an unusual pet in your home?

Well, it seems that some of the celebrities went for the weird creatures over the years. No, here we’re not talking about a few cats or dogs when it comes to the famous celebrity pets. The famous faces have taken a trip into the unusual realm of downright bizarre, and have taken their pet possession to brand new levels. Read on to know the 6 celebrities with the strangest pets.

Nicolas Cage And His Octopus

The Most Unusual Pets That Celebrities Have Owned

Did you know that Nicholas Cage has splashed a lot of his cash on exotic and strange animals? Although he no longer owns the Octopus, Cage once decided to shell it for $15, 000. Yes, Nicholas bought the octopus along with a giant tank where he kept it in his private room.

Chris Brown And His Ape

The Most Unusual Pets That Celebrities Have Owned

Truth be told. Chris Brown has taken the world of music by storm. However, some of his actions have pushed him into the glare of publicity for some of the wrong reasons. This was the case when Chris Brown decided to buy his daughter a Capuchin monkey as a Christmas gift in 2017. From the social media videos and pictures, his daughter was all over the moon when she was welcoming the monkey.

Mike Tyson And His Tigers

The Most Unusual Pets That Celebrities Have Owned

Being honest—Mike Tyson one of the boxing icons. Although he was at his epitome in the rings, Tyson has also found himself in trouble many times in the course of his career. But it was one skimp that set off a series of events leaving him with lots of tigers to his name.

Nicole Richie And Her Chickens

The Most Unusual Pets That Celebrities Have Owned

Known as the daughter of rich Lionel Richie, fashion designer, reality television star, and an actress, Nicole has several strings to her bow.

But in addition to the things that you might think of, you might not realize that she is a great fan of Chickens. Nicole Richie has always had a fascination for chickens, so when she begged her husband to build a coop where she could raise these birds, he easily gave in to her wish.

Salvador Dali And His Anteater

The Most Unusual Pets That Celebrities Have Owned

You may already have known that Salvador Dali was a great enthusiast of exotic and strange pets but what you have never known is that besides the Ocelot, he also had an anteater pet. The renowned painter made no secret of his animal intrigue which featured in his various pictures and bookplates that included the anteater as the primary focus.

Vanilla Ice And His Wallaroo

The Most Unusual Pets That Celebrities Have Owned

Stop, cooperate, and pay attention, because Vanilla Ice has a Wallaroo! Even though we can’t allude when the famous rapper decided to go for the animal—a cross breed between a Kangaroo and Wallaby, he told interviewers that he purchased it after his previous pet Lynx passed away.