Use These Bar Trick Bets And Always Win!


A good night out at the pub with friends ought to be fun. A few bar tricks up your sleeves is a sure way to keep things interesting! Here are the top bar trick bets you will always win.

The Bottle and Coin Trick

You need an empty bottle, three coins and a bank note. Place the bank note on top of the bottle’s mouth. Hold the note there by piling three coins on top of it. Ask your friends to remove the bank note, observing these rules:

  • No touching of the coins
  • Not causing the coins drop to the floor

Lick your finger and quickly snap it down across the bill. The moisture on your finger grabs the bill and pulls it out from under the coins, leaving the pile intact.

Balancing Trick

With an empty glass, challenge your friends to place a credit card on the rim of the glass while balancing a coin on one end of the card. Pour as much water into the empty glass as possible then place the card on the rim. The water tension serves to prevent the card from toppling over. Placing the coin on the other end can now be easily done.

Note under the Bottle Trick

Lay a note down on a table and place an empty bottle upside down on the top of the note. The note has to be rolled from one side going forward until you reach the neck of the bottle. Then, slowly pull the bill towards you as you continue rolling it. The note then easily slides out from under the bottle without knocking it over.

Pickup Glass Trick

A glass of any sort and two coins are needed. Balance the coins on opposite sides of the rim and challenge your friends to lift the glass. The following rules are to be observed:

  • Only use two fingers to lift the glass
  • Not to drop the coins

Quickly bring your fingers down on the coins and flatten them to the sides of the glass. Then, lift up the glass by holding the coins.

Shot Glass Switch

Two shot glasses and a business card are needed. Both glasses should be filled to the brim, one with water and the other with whisky. Challenge your friends to move the whisky into the water glass and vice versa without spilling any. Produce the card and place it on top of the water glass. Then, simply turn it outside down and place it on top of the whisky. Move the card so slightly until it just barely reaches the ends of the two glasses on top of one another. A minor break in the seal is created. Since the water is heavier than whisky, the water will slowly drain into the bottom glass. And, in turn push up the whisky into the top glass.

The Race

You need two pints of beer, two shots and an opponent. Let your opponent know that you can drink two pints before they can even take two shots. The rules to be observed are:

  • No touching of the other person
  • No touching the other glasses
  • Only use one hand

Convince your opponent into giving you a head start. Drink your first pint and place it down fairly quickly, having turned it upside down, on one of your opponents’ shots.

Cutting Limes with Cigarettes

You need a lighter, cigarette and lime. Take the cigarette and light its filter on fire. Let it burn for a few seconds then squeeze it out pinching down the end as flat as possible. The fiber glass filter will now be quite sharp and swinging it around the lime will cut right through the skin.

Alternating Shots

Arrange six shot glasses in a line, three of them full and the other three empty. Challenge your friends to move only one shot in order to make the whole line of shots alternate. Then, grab the second full shot glass and pour it into the second empty glass.

Drinking out of a Closed Bottle

Get a closed wine bottle and a shot of whisky. Simply turn the bottle outside down and pour some whisky into the punt of the wine bottle and drink from it.

Beer into Glass Trick

You will need a fresh beer, a glass and a bendish straw. Put the straw into the bottle then put your mouth around the top and blow. Ensure the glass is under the bendy part of the straw since the beer will be a fountain from there.

Up Your Fun

Some of these tricks take a little more practice and effort than others. You are however guaranteed of having a new trick for your next night out.