10 «Ladykiller» Colognes That Make Women Go Wild


Nothing is more alluring and sexy to a woman than a good-smellin’ man. These are the top 10 colognes that will drive women crazy.

There is, hands-down, nothing more alluring and sexy to a woman than a good-smellin’ man. Without even doing much work, you can use a great mens’ fragrance to attract women and entice them to get even closer to you so you can then let your natural charm and personality take over. But we’re not just talking dousing yourself in a cloud of cheap body spray — we’re talking about finding a distinguishing cologne that elevates you, empowers you, and becomes your personal signature scent, leaving your admirers with a lingering aroma that will keep you on their minds long after you’ve left the room.

Of course, every man is different, so you have to take personal opinions into consideration. Plus, some fragrances smell differently on one person versus another because of individual body chemistry, so it’s important that you test these for yourselves to find which cologne works best for you.

But how do you test so many different colognes without breaking the bank? That’s where ScentBird comes in. ScentBird is an online subscription site that offers over 450 different men’s fragrances to choose from. Select the brands or scent profiles you’d like to try, and each month, 7 unique scent cylinders will be delivered to your doorstep. These 8mL scent cylinders are the perfect size to really evaluate the scent on yourself to find your powerful fragrance match.

But using our experience, here we present our top 10 «ladykiller» colognes that make women go wild!


Proven Classics

OK so we cheated a bit. The number 10 spot actually includes 5 different men’s fragrances which we felt deserved their place in this countdown.

  • Armani Code by Giorgio Armani — (citrus and wood)
  • Ch Prive Cologne by Carolina Herrera — (sweet & strong spicy, whiskey)
  • 1 Million Cologne by Paco Rabanne for Men — (cinnamon and leather)
  • Le Male by Jean Paul Gaultiere (vanilla and lavender)
  • The One by Dolce & Gabbana (amber, tobacco, ginger)

Any of these five powerful colognes are going to get your confidence up and the compliments flowing. They are all incredibly popular and pretty easy-to-find, and they are a big step up from your supermarket variety knock-offs. They also have a really strong sillage (how strongly the fragrance lingers) which means you don’t need a lot to make a lasting impact.


F by Ferragamo by Salvatore Ferragamo

This ladykiller has a citrus opening note then introduces lavender and tanka bean, making it fresh but not too floral. This great choice of fragrance lasts a good 5-6 hours and is pretty affordable.


La Nuit De L’Homme by Yves Saint Laurent

This sweet and powdery fragrance’s strongest note comes from the cardamom, and the cologne does have. When you fall in love with cologne, it’s so frustrating when they reformulate a fragrance and the next bottle just doesn’t smell the same. That is the case with La Nui De L’Homme, which would be higher up on our countdown except for the fact that it has been reformulated several times, making it lack consistency in smell over various bottles.


Pour Homme by Versace

This scent is the perfect fresh, summer scent. Its strong sillage is perfect for those hot days when you’re running errands around town, hitting the golf course, or having a bustling day in the office. Perfect for the confident and knowledgable modern man.


Bleu de Chanel by Chanel

This is a classic ladykiller that is notable but not overpowering. It has an intensely spicy scent like incense but with woodsy citrusy notes, making this a great choice for summer evenings. The sillage is light which means it isn’t overpowering so you can put on a couple spritzes of this one.


A*Men Pure Malt by Thierry Mugler

This scent is impossible to describe because it is so unique, yet refined and elegant. Thierry Mugler is known for putting out original and unique scents that are pleasantly surprising and stand out amongst a group with typical cologne fragrances. If you’re tired of smelling the same thing and want to give the people around you something to compliment you on, definitely give this one a try.


Eros by Versace

This is a relatively newer fragrance that is both sexy and seductive. With vanilla, mint, and tanka bean, it smells scrumptious and is very versatile, so you can wear it to a number of different occasions to communicate how powerful and passionate of a man you are.


Sauvage by Dior

Want a woman-pleaser? Dior’s Savage might be your ticket. Described as smelling like «fresh laundry,» this is the perfect scent to entice a woman. It not only advertises that you are clean and fresh and comfortable, but it hints at the idea that you might also do your own laundry… every woman’s dream!


Acqua di Gio Profumo by Giorgio Armani

This is the #1 men’s fragrance of all time and for a reason. There is something about this incense-inspired scent that makes you ooze confidence and draw women to you. The cologne does have incredibly strong sillage, so be gentle with this one so you don’t overdo it!

Before we reveal the #1 men’s fragrance that women go wild for, you might already be overwhelmed. There are so many to try, and uh, men’s cologne is not exactly cheap. That’s why you need to get to ScentBird right now and sign up for their subscription box which will bring seven 8mL scent cylinders to your door for you to test and find the fragrance right for you. You can select the colognes you’d like to try, so if you’re interested in any of the brands we’ve mentioned, they are available on ScentBird…. Including our #1 choice:


Old Creed Aventus

Do not let the price tag scare you off — this is seriously the closest thing to a bottle of pure Seduction. A father-and-son team concocted this potion inspired by the emperor Napoleon, with provocative hints of citrus, jasmine, vanilla. This purchase is well worth the price for the confidence it gives you and the ladies who will be swinging your way to compliment you on it. You will never want to throw the bottle away! Instead of using booze for «liquid courage,» just a spray or two of this cologne will become your «steadfast «wingman for sure and last all night long.

Want to try them all?

If you’d like to try our #1 scent or any of the others, but you aren’t necessarily ready to make a big bottle purchase, sign up for ScentBird. They make it easy for you to choose fragrances you’d like to try with over 450 names to choose from. Try seven of their 8mL-sized scent cylinders with the complimentary carrying case, and find the scent that brings out the best in you! What’s even better, is that if you find a scent you do not prefer, the cylinders make the perfect gift for someone else — for a man or for a wife seeking a new sexy scent on their man!

Looking for a great gift?

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What do you think?

So while this list gives you our top 10 (er… 15) tried-and-true men’s fragrances that make women go wild, it is by no means exhaustive. If you have some favorite ladykiller fragrances that you think should be added to the list, let us know in the comments below.