4 Things You Didn't Know about Jesse Watters' Ex-Wife Noelle Watters


Fox News host, Jesse Watters, has made a name for himself, but it’s not always a good one. Most recently, he was involved in a scandal that ended in a divorce from his first wife, Noelle. In case you didn’t know, here are a few things about Noelle Watters.

She Also Worked for Fox News

Jesse isn’t the only member of the family on television. Noelle began her career at Fox News by working on fashion and style segments. After some time, she got her own show, called iMag Style. Her popularity rose, boosting her confidence regarding fashion. The show was later removed, but she continued to work in the background for the channel. It was at Fox News that she met her future husband. They wed in 2009.

She Has Twin Daughters

In 2011, the happy couple welcomed twin girls into their family. Other than some family photos on social media, the couple has always been private about their family life, especially their children. With the recent scandal all over the press, it’s a good thing. The best place for the children is to stay out of the news.

She Filed for Divorce in October 2017

There had been no public sign of trouble between the couple when Noelle filed divorce papers. However, the following month, Jesse informed Fox News that he had been having an affair with a 25-year-old assistant producer, Emma DiGiovine. After a meeting with the network, it was decided that DiGiovine would be transferred to another show, but the damage to the marriage had already been done.

She Has Dropped off the Public Radar

So, what has happened to Noelle since she filed for divorce? Well, she has had to deal with the wedding of her ex-husband and the woman he had an affair with. But how she is dealing with it is a mystery to the general public. Apparently, she has no Facebook, Instagram, or other social account. Unlike her husband, Noelle seems determined to live her life privately, out of the eye of the media.