6 Totally Seductive Perfumes That Will Attract The Right Man


These perfumes whose fragrances are totally seductive and full of deep sensuality will bring out the feminine side in any woman and attract the right man.

#6 Mugler Aura by Thierry Mugler

It’s packaged in an emerald green classic bottle that has a heart shape. The perfume is formulated by a wide range of notes making it ideal for either day or night. The scent has notes of pear, hibiscus grains, orange blossom, iris root and white vanilla.

#5 Armani Code Cashmere by Giorgio Amani

It is a floral fragrance whose top notes are jasmine and orange blossom. Its scent is however very similar to one of its predecessors, Code Satin.

#4 Miss Dior by Christian Dior

The perfume has an elegant scent which is an absolute declaration of sophistication. It irresistibly smells of love.

#3 Gabrielle Perfume by Chanel

It ties with Miss Dior at the number 3 slot. Gabrielle is packaged in a jewel-like bottle that is simply attractive. It has a rich and exotic scent of various flowers captured at their finest.

#2 Light Blue Perfume by Dolce & Gabbana

Light Blue perfume which is an absolute treat of fruity aromas. It is perfect for women seeking to arouse the apple of their eye. Its excellent fragrance has a tinge of jasmine, green apple, and hints of musk and amber.

#1 Mon Guerlain by Guerlain

It is a powerful yet delicate aroma that radiantly embodies the erotic emotions of a woman. The fragrance has a sweet scent of vanilla and lavender notes.

Honorable Perfume Mentions

There are various scents that are inspiring to the women who wear them and those they seek to impress. Here are some highlights on some honorable perfume mentions:

Prada’s La Femme

Prada La Femme is an honorable mention and is perfect for daytime office wear. It has a very sleek scent that is favourable even for job interviews. It has a subtle effect that is inoffensive and stylish at the same time.

Because It’s You by Emporio Armani

Because it’s you is simply irresistible. It’s a perfect combination of rose and raspberry scents expressing passion and sophistication.

Tresor Midnight Rose by Lancome

Tresor Midnight Rose is seductive in an elegant way. It’s a tranquil combination of rose petals and raspberry, with a hint of jasmine.

Delina by Parfums de Marly

Delina is a floral fragrance that draws alluring attention to the wearer. It has a scent that is wonderfully romantic formulated from a wide range of notes. Its beautiful pink packaging also serves as an ornament on any dressing table.

Alluring Scents in Women Perfumes

There is a mysterious seductiveness embedded in various women perfumes. Certain scents have been widely credited for influencing a woman’s attractiveness. The following are some fragrances that possess an alluring power of attraction:

Lily floral scent

Lily of the valley has a subtle and exceptional effect that is not too flowery. Its mild fragrance is very authentic and captures the attention of many men who don’t dig florals.

Rose petals

Roses have been attributed by most men to have too much of a strong scent for their noses. However, just a tinge of rose petal notes goes a long way in enchanting seduction.


Vanilla offers a fragrance that is soft and intense making it the most appealing globally. The flavor and smell of vanilla is believed to heighten lustful emotions which are quite tempting.


The vetiver fragrance is not so popular but its indigenous smell is similar to that of lemongrass. It has a thrilling scent that excites men who are anti-floral.

Orange blossoms

The smell of freshly squeezed oranges is quite irresistible to most men. A hint of orange blossom notes in a woman’s perfume strikes an energizing burst of sensual emotions.

Woody and spicy notes

The woody and spicy notes such as patchouli and pink pepper smell like pure intimacy. Incorporating them in a perfume definitely turns the heat up.


Musk is the most sensuous fragrance ingredient. It conveys a carnal scent that is somehow fruity and floral but very soft.

Fruity notes

Oranges are not the only fruits that have a tantalizing effect in women perfumes. There are other fruity notes that are disarming and very attractive. They include mandarin, pineapple leaves and grapes.


The jasmine plant releases a strong smelling compound that attracts pollinating insects. A tinge of jasmine notes in women perfumes offers an irresistible sensual scent.