Charlamagne tha God's Wife (Jessica Gadsden): A Love Story Spanning Decades


Before he was cracking us up with his podcast and media appearances, Charlamagne tha God was enjoying life in his coastal hometown of Charleston, SC. It’s in this very place that he met his future soulmate and spouse, Jessica Gadsden.

Jessica Gadsden Was Charlamagne’s High School Sweetheart

Charlamagne tha God's Wife (Jessica Gadsden): A Love Story Spanning Decades

Jessica started dating Charlamagne when she was 16, and the rest was history. Though they didn’t officially get married until they’d been together for 16 years, and after 3 daughters, Jessica and Charlamagne have been through ups and downs, and just about any rocky road a relationship can go through. But, they’ve grown up and been through it all together, making their marriage and home life solid.

Infidelity On Both Sides

Both Jessica and Charlamagne have cheated on one another, with Charlamagne even going so far as to admit he still sometimes does not feel worthy of his wife. But it’s something they survived and continue to grow from.

Secrecy Is The Literal Secret To Their Successful Relationship

Charlamagne tha God's Wife (Jessica Gadsden): A Love Story Spanning Decades

Charlamagne has been vocal before about keeping his life and family off social media. Jessica rarely makes public appearances with Charlamagne, and she has no footprint on social media platforms. She’s so good at maintaining privacy, that it’s actually quite difficult to dig up any information on Jessica, even the most basic things.

Jessica’s Education Is Impressive

She is a big step ahead of the game with her incredible background of schooling. Jessica has a bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Mass Communication, a master’s degree in Business Administration, and a Bachelor of Science degree in biology. She is also a certified fitness instructor for the disabled, and opened her own successful gym in NYC. Is there anything this woman can’t do?

Marriage Was Never In The Original Life Plans

Apparently, the only reason Jessica and Charlamagne got married after nearly 2 decades of being together, is because one of their daughters asked them why her parents didn’t share the same last name. This sparked the desire to complete their family unit in the most whole way they knew how, so they tied the knot shortly after.