Everything You Need To Know About Simon Cowell's Wife


During his time on American Idol, Simon Cowell carved out a reputation as the meanest judge of the bunch. While Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson often picked out things they liked and offered people words of encouragement, Cowell was known for ripping into contestants and telling them exactly what he thought of their music.

Given the way he’s portrayed on American Idol, it may surprise you to know that Simon Cowell is actually a fairly regular guy with a family. Here’s what you need to know about Simon Cowell’s wife and family.

Simon Cowell Wife

Everything You Need To Know About Simon Cowell's Wife

One of the interesting things about Simon Cowell and his marriage is the fact that it isn’t all that longstanding considering how old Cowell is. At the age of 61, Simon Cowell has only been married to his wife for 8 years, which is likely a result of spending so much time working in the music and television industries to build a career prior to that.

Simon started dating his wife Lauren Silverman in 2009, but the couple actually met all the way back in 2004 at Sandy Lanes resort in Barbados. Lauren was there vacationing with her husband, Andrew Silverman, who hit it off with Simon Cowell as soon as they spoke. However, Cowell had his eyes set on something else.

After a controversial affair that resulted in a divorce between Lauren and Andrew Silverman, Simon Cowell and Lauren Silverman began dating. Still, they were on and off and even saw other people during some of this time. Just a few short years later, the couple would decide to tie the knot in 2013.

Does Simon Cowell Have Kids?

Everything You Need To Know About Simon Cowell's Wife

While Simon Cowell might not seem like the type of guy who would enjoy being around kids, he does actually have a child of his own with Lauren Silverman. In 2014, just a year after marrying, the couple welcomed Eric Cowell into the world. At the age of just six years old, Eric Cowell has already shown some interest in following his father’s footsteps by appearing on hit show Britain’s Got Talent.

In addition to Eric, Lauren Silverman has a child from a previous relationship who is Cowell’s stepson. Adam, 14, is Lauren’s child from her relationship with Andrew Silverman, but Simon has taken to raising the boy as if he were his own. The family lives happily together in Malibu, West London and Los Angeles, depending on the time of year.