Joey Diaz's Wife, She Likes To Stay Out Of The Spotlight


Joey Diaz is the Cuban American stand-up comedian, writer, and actor with the gravelly voice and spicy personality. But who is the woman in his life? Here are a few fun facts about Terrie Diaz, the wife of successful Joey Diaz.

Diaz Is a Southern Girl

Terrie Diaz grew up in the city of Nashville, Tennessee as Terrie Clark. Until her marriage to the famous Diaz, she was completely out of the spotlight. This may be part of the reason she prefers to life that way now, despite her husband’s celebrity status.

She Is Joey’s Second Wife

Joey Diaz was married once before and had a child with his first wife. Unfortunately, that marriage ended in divorce. Joey lost not only a wife but also his relationship with his daughter from the marriage. He doesn’t discuss his personal life in the media, preferring to keep his relationships private.

Has One Daughter

Terrie and Joey welcomed a baby girl, Mercy, on January 8, 2013. Both parents have worked hard to shield their daughter from the glitz and glamor of celebrity. The Diaz’s are focused on their family and what is the best way to show their love for one another.

Enjoys a Conservative Lifestyle

Terrie and her husband agree that a quieter, less public life is best for all of them. She is content being a loving, supportive housewife and mother for the stars in her world. And since the couple recently celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary, it is obviously working for them. Maybe we could all learn something from their example.