Juan Rivera Wife: A Strong and Stable Force


Born of Mexican descent, Juan Rivera is famous for music and a little part time acting. He comes from a family of well-known artists with multiple talents in many areas, especially music. Although his family has been able to enjoy great success in the music and arts industries, the same can hardly be said for Juan. In fact, his youth and a great deal of his adult life were plagued by an entire round of legal problems which stemmed from multiple arrests for crimes involving the sale of drugs, which landed him behind bars. Several years later, he was arrested again for the illegal possession of firearms.

What Kept Them Together

Juan Rivera Wife: A Strong and Stable Force

Yet through it all, he had one person who stuck with him: his wife Brenda. Even as he continued to struggle with his legal problems and alcohol addiction, Brenda remained steadfastly loyal to him. They continue their monogamous relationship to this date, which leaves the rest of us wondering one thing. What has kept them together for so long?

It’s important to start with how they met, which was when Brenda was only seventeen. Their relationship went through a lot of major turmoil, but the birth of their first child said it all. Juan was motivated to change himself to save their marriage and become a responsible father.

It was during Juan’s stay in prison that he received news that he was going to be a father, and that was a major first step in regaining control of his life. Brenda became such a powerful force in his life that he was willing to give up his other love, which is music. He understood the pitfalls that came with his career, such as addiction.

A Lifelong Partnership

Juan Rivera Wife: A Strong and Stable Force

The couple dated for nearly twenty years before they decided to get serious. Shortly afterwards, Juan proposed and they officially wed. The wedding was so close knit that Juan’s older brother Pedro, who was a minister, officially wed the young couple. He was so supportive that he offered his official blessing for the pair in hopes that they could enjoy a lifelong partnership.

From all accounts, it appears as though Brenda has what it takes to be a good, loyal and faithful partner. Her strong love for him knows no bounds, as the two have persisted in spite of the odds. Juan has suffered many struggles with depression that almost took his life in the form of a suicide attempts.

Brenda continues to stand by her man on all accounts. She encourages healthy habits and has motivated him towards settling down. Together, they raised their children successfully.